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  • Zahir

    Derived from Arabic (zahir) meaning "helper, supporter".

  • Zahira

    Feminine form of Zahir.

  • Zahra

    Means "brilliant, bright" in Arabic.

  • Zahrah

    Derived from Arabic (zahrah) meaning "blooming flower".

  • Zaid

    Variant transcription of Zayd.

  • Zaida

    Feminine form of Zayd.

  • Zain

    Variant transcription of Zayn.

  • Zaina

    Feminine form of Zayn.

  • Zainab

    Variant transcription of Zaynab.

  • Zaira

    Italian form of Zaïre.

  • Zaire

    Zaire is an Arabic name and means "river".

  • Zaïre

    Used by Voltaire for the heroine of his tragic play 'Zaïre' (1732), about a Christian woman enslaved by Muslims.

  • Zak

    Short form of Zachary.

  • Zakai

    Zakai is a Hebrew name and it means "pure".

  • Zakaria

    Georgian form of Zechariah.

  • Zakariyya

    Arabic form of Zechariah.

  • Zakhar

    Russian form of Zechariah.

  • Zaki

    Means "pure" in Arabic.

  • Zakiah

    Variant transcription of Zakiyya.

  • Zakiyya

    Feminine form of Zaki.

  • Zaklina

    Polish form of Jacqueline.

  • Žaklina

    Croatian form of Jacqueline.

  • Zal

    Means "albino" in Persian.

  • Zala

    Diminutive of Rozalija.

  • Zalika

    Zalika originates in Swahili language and means "a well-born" child.

  • Zalman

    Yiddish form of Solomon.

  • Zalmon

    Means "shady" in Hebrew.

  • Zaman

    Means "time, age, era" in Arabic.

  • Zamir

    Zamir is an Arabic name, derived from the words "ze", which means "voice", and "mire", which means "good".

  • Zan

    Means "support, favour" in Chinese.

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Names between Zahir and Zan that Begin with Z. Zahir, Zahira, Zahra, Zahrah, Zaid, Zaida, Zain, Zaina, Zainab, Zaira, Zaire, Zaïre, Zak, Zakai, Zakaria, Zakariyya, Zakhar, Zaki, Zakiah, Zakiyya, Zaklina, Žaklina, Zal, Zala, Zalika, Zalman, Zalmon, Zaman, Zamir, Zan, Names between Zahir and Zan that Begin with Z

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