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  • Zona

    Means "girdle, belt" in Greek.

  • Zopyros

    Means "glowing" in Greek.

  • Zora

    From a South and West Slavic word meaning "dawn, aurora".

  • Zoraida

    Perhaps means "enchanting woman" in Arabic, but possibly a name invented by Cervantes for a character in his novel 'Don Quixote' (1606), in which Zoraida is a beautiful Moorish woman of Algiers who converts to Christianity and elopes with a Spanish officer.

  • Zoran

    Masculine form of Zora.

  • Zorana

    Feminine form of Zoran.

  • Zorica

    Serbian, Croatian and Macedonian diminutive of Zora.

  • Zorion

    Means "happiness" in Basque.

  • Zorione

    Feminine form of Zorion.

  • Zorka

    Diminutive of Zora.

  • Zornitsa

    Means "morning star" in Bulgarian.

  • Zoroaster

    Greek form of Zarathustra.

  • Zosia

    Diminutive of Zofia.

  • Zosime

    Feminine form of Zosimos (see Zosimus).

  • Zosimos

    Original Greek form of Zosimus.

  • Zosimus

    Latinized form of Ζωσιμος (Zosimos) , a Greek name derived from ζωσιμος (zosimos) meaning "viable" or "likely to survive".

  • Zoticus

    Latinized form of the Greek name Ζωτικος (Zotikos) , derived from ζωτικος (zotikos) meaning "full of life".

  • Zotikos

    Original Greek form of Zoticus.

  • Zowie

    Variant of Zoe.

  • Zoya

    Russian and Ukrainian form of Zoe.

  • Zrinka

    Derived from the Slavic element zrin, of unknown meaning.

  • Zsanet

    Zsanet is a variant of Jeannette, ultimately derived from Jane.

  • Zsanett

    Hungarian form of Jeannette.

  • Zsazsa

    Diminutive of Zsuzsanna.

  • Zsiga

    Diminutive of Zsigmond.

  • Zsigmond

    Hungarian form of Sigmund.

  • Zsofia

    Zsofia is a Hungarian variant of Sophia.

  • Zsófia

    Hungarian form of Sophia.

  • Zsofika

    Zsofika is a diminutive of Zsofia, itself a Hungarian variant of Sophia.

  • Zsófika

    Diminutive of Zsófia.

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Names between Zona and Zsófika that Begin with Z. Zona, Zopyros, Zora, Zoraida, Zoran, Zorana, Zorica, Zorion, Zorione, Zorka, Zornitsa, Zoroaster, Zosia, Zosime, Zosimos, Zosimus, Zoticus, Zotikos, Zowie, Zoya, Zrinka, Zsanet, Zsanett, Zsazsa, Zsiga, Zsigmond, Zsofia, Zsófia, Zsofika, Zsófika, Names between Zona and Zsófika that Begin with Z

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