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  • Zdenka

    Czech feminine form of Zdenko.

  • Zdenko

    Derived from the Slavic element zdeti meaning "build, create", originally a short form of names beginning with that element.

  • Zdeno

    Slovak variant of Zdenko.

  • Zdeslav

    Croatian form of ZdzislAw.

  • Zdislav

    Czech form of ZdzislAw.

  • Zdislava

    Czech feminine form of ZdzislAw.

  • Zdravka

    Feminine form of Zdravko.

  • Zdravko

    Derived from South Slavic zdrav meaning "healthy".

  • Zdzislaw

    Derived from the Slavic elements zdeti "build, create" and slav "glory".

  • Zdzislawa

    Feminine form of ZdzislAw.

  • Portuguese diminutive of José.

  • Zeandre

    Zeandre is a newly invented name which does not have any particular meaning.

  • Zeb

    Zeb is a diminutive of Zebediah.

  • Zebadiah

    Means " Yahweh has bestowed" in Hebrew.

  • Zebedaios

    New Testament Greek form of Zebedee.

  • Zebedee

    From Ζεβεδαιος (Zebedaios) , the Greek form of Zebadiah used in the New Testament, where it refers to the father of the apostles James and John.

  • Zebediah

    Zebediah originates in Hebrew language and means "God lends".

  • Zebulon

    Variant of Zebulun.

  • Zebulun

    Possibly derived from Ugartic zbl meaning "prince".

  • Zechariah

    From the Hebrew name (Zekharyah) meaning " Yahweh remembers".

  • Zed

    Short form of Zedekiah.

  • Zedekiah

    From the Hebrew name (Tzidqiyyahu) meaning "justice of Yahweh ".

  • Zeev

    Means "wolf" in Hebrew.

  • Zef

    Dutch short form of Jozef.

  • Zeferino

    Portuguese form of the Roman name Zephyrinus, which was derived from the Greek Zephyros (see Zephyr).

  • Zehra

    Turkish form of Zahra.

  • Zeinab

    Persian form of Zaynab.

  • Zeke

    Short form of Ezekiel.

  • Zekharyah

    Hebrew form of Zechariah.

  • Zeki

    Means "intelligent" in Turkish (ultimately of Arabic origin).

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Names between Zdenka and Zeki that Begin with Z. Zdenka, Zdenko, Zdeno, Zdeslav, Zdislav, Zdislava, Zdravka, Zdravko, Zdzislaw, Zdzislawa, Zé, Zeandre, Zeb, Zebadiah, Zebedaios, Zebedee, Zebediah, Zebulon, Zebulun, Zechariah, Zed, Zedekiah, Zeev, Zef, Zeferino, Zehra, Zeinab, Zeke, Zekharyah, Zeki, Names between Zdenka and Zeki that Begin with Z

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