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  • Zhou

    Means "boat" in Chinese.

  • Zhu

    Zhu is a Chinese name and it means "upright".

  • Zhuang

    Zhuang is a Chinese name and it means "strong".

  • Zhubin

    Means "spear" in Persian, ultimately from Sanskrit.

  • Zhyrgal

    Variant transcription of Jyrgal.

  • Zia

    Variant transcription of Ziya.

  • Ziad

    Variant transcription of Ziyad.

  • Ziauddin

    Variant transcription of Ziya Al-Din.

  • Ziba

    Means "beautiful" in Persian.

  • Zibiah

    Means "roe, deer" in Hebrew.

  • Ziemowit

    From an old Slavic name derived from the elements sem "family" and vit "lord, master".

  • Zifa

    Tatar and Bashkir form of Ziba.

  • Žiga

    Slovene form of Sigmund.

  • Ziggy

    Ziggy is a Germanic name, a short form of "Siegfried", which means "victory or protection".

  • Žigmund

    Slovak form of Sigmund.

  • Zigor

    Means "punishment" in Basque.

  • Zikmund

    Czech form of Sigmund.

  • Zilla

    German diminutive of Cecilia.

  • Zillah

    Means "shade" in Hebrew.

  • Zilpah

    Means "frailty" in Hebrew.

  • Zimri

    Means either "my praise" or "my music" in Hebrew.

  • Zina

    Short form of Zinaida.

  • Zinaida

    Russian form of Zenaida.

  • Zinnia

    From the name of the flower, which was itself named for the German botanist Johann Zinn.

  • Zinon

    Modern Greek form of Zenon (see Zeno).

  • Zinovia

    Modern Greek form of Zenobia.

  • Zinoviy

    Russian form of the Greek name Ζηνοβιος (Zenobios) , the masculine form of Zenobia.

  • Zinoviya

    Russian form of Zenobia.

  • Zion

    From the name of a citadel which was in the center of Jerusalem.

  • Zipporah

    From the Hebrew name (Tzipporah) which meant "bird".

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Names between Zhou and Zipporah that Begin with Z. Zhou, Zhu, Zhuang, Zhubin, Zhyrgal, Zia, Ziad, Ziauddin, Ziba, Zibiah, Ziemowit, Zifa, Žiga, Ziggy, Žigmund, Zigor, Zikmund, Zilla, Zillah, Zilpah, Zimri, Zina, Zinaida, Zinnia, Zinon, Zinovia, Zinoviy, Zinoviya, Zion, Zipporah, Names between Zhou and Zipporah that Begin with Z

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