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  • Zisel

    Variant of Sisel.

  • Ziska

    Short form of Franziska.

  • Zita

    Means "little girl" in Tuscan Italian.

  • Ziv

    Means "bright, radiant" in Hebrew.

  • Ziva

    Feminine form of Ziv.

  • Živa

    Means "living, alive" in Slavic.

  • Zivit

    Feminine form of Ziv.

  • Živka

    Croatian and Serbian feminine form of Zhivko.

  • Živko

    Croatian and Serbian form of Zhivko.

  • Ziya

    Derived from Arabic (diya) meaning "splendour, light, glow".

  • Ziya Al-Din

    Means "splendour of religion" from Arabic (diya) "splendour, light, glow" combined with (din) "religion, faith".

  • Ziyad

    Means "growth" in Arabic.

  • Zlata

    Feminine form of Zlatan.

  • Zlatan

    Means "golden", a derivative of the Slavic word zlato "gold".

  • Zlatica

    Diminutive of Zlata.

  • Zlatko

    Diminutive of Zlatan.

  • Zlota

    Means "golden" in Yiddish.

  • Zoe

    Means "life" in Greek.

  • Zoé

    French form of Zoe.

  • Zoë

    Dutch form and English variant of Zoe.

  • Zoey

    Variant of Zoe.

  • Zofia

    Polish form of Sophia.

  • Žofia

    Slovak form of Sophia.

  • Žofie

    Czech form of Sophia.

  • Zohar

    Means "light, brilliance" in Hebrew.

  • Zoie

    Variant of Zoe.

  • Zoja

    Polish and Macedonian form of Zoe.

  • Zola

    Meaning unknown, perhaps an invented name.

  • Zoltan

    Zoltan is a Turkish name, mainly used in Hungarian language.

  • Zoltán

    Possibly related to the Turkish title sultan meaning "king, sultan".

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Names between Zisel and Zoltán that Begin with Z. Zisel, Ziska, Zita, Ziv, Ziva, Živa, Zivit, Živka, Živko, Ziya, Ziya Al-Din, Ziyad, Zlata, Zlatan, Zlatica, Zlatko, Zlota, Zoe, Zoé, Zoë, Zoey, Zofia, Žofia, Žofie, Zohar, Zoie, Zoja, Zola, Zoltan, Zoltán, Names between Zisel and Zoltán that Begin with Z

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