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  • Žan

    Slovene form of Zuan, Gian or Jean.

  • Žana

    Slovene and Croatian form of Gianna.

  • Zander

    Variant of Xander.

  • Zandra

    Short form of Alexandra.

  • Zane

    From an English surname of unknown meaning.

  • Zanna

    Short form of Suzanna.

  • Zara

    English form of Zaïre.

  • Zaramama

    Means "grain mother" in Quechua.

  • Zarathushtra

    Ancient Avestan form of Zarathustra.

  • Zarathustra

    Possibly means "golden camel" in Old Iranian, derived from zarat meaning "golden" combined with ushtra meaning "camel".

  • Zaray

    Possibly a variant of Zahrah.

  • Zareen

    Means "golden" in Persian.

  • Zaria

    Possibly based on Zahrah or the Nigerian city of Zaria.

  • Zarita

    Variant of Sarita.

  • Žarko

    Derived from Serbian and Croatian žar meaning "ember, zeal, fervour".

  • Zartosht

    Modern Persian form of Zarathustra.

  • Zavanna

    Variant of Savannah.

  • Zavia

    Modern feminine form of Xavier.

  • Zavier

    Variant of Xavier.

  • Zaxaria

    Old Slavic form of Zechariah.

  • Zayd

    Derived from Arabic (zada) "to increase".

  • Zayden

    Zayden is a newly invented name which does not have any particular meaning.

  • Zayn

    Means "beauty, grace" in Arabic.

  • Zayna

    Feminine form of Zayn.

  • Zaynab

    From the Arabic name of a fragrant flowering tree, which is probably from (zayn) meaning "beauty".

  • Zbignev

    Possible medieval Slavic form of Zbigniew.

  • Zbigniew

    Means "to dispel anger" from the Slavic elements zby "to dispel" and gnev "anger".

  • Zbygnev

    Czech cognate of Zbigniew.

  • Zbynek

    Diminutive of ZbygnĚV, now used independently.

  • Zdenek

    Czech form of Zdenko.

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Names between Žan and Zdenek that Begin with Z. Žan, Žana, Zander, Zandra, Zane, Zanna, Zara, Zaramama, Zarathushtra, Zarathustra, Zaray, Zareen, Zaria, Zarita, Žarko, Zartosht, Zavanna, Zavia, Zavier, Zaxaria, Zayd, Zayden, Zayn, Zayna, Zaynab, Zbignev, Zbigniew, Zbygnev, Zbynek, Zdenek, Names between Žan and Zdenek that Begin with Z

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