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  • Zephyrinus

    Latin form of Zeferino.

  • Zephyros

    Greek form of Zephyr.

  • Zephyrus

    Latinized form of Zephyros (see Zephyr).

  • Zerach

    Zerach is a Hebrew name and means "glowing".

  • Zerachiel

    Possibly means "command of God" in Hebrew.

  • Zeru

    Means "sky" in Basque.

  • Zeta

    Variant of Zita.

  • Zetta

    Zetta is a diminutive of Rosetta, which is an Italian diminutive of Rose.

  • Zeus

    The name of a Greek god, related to the old Indo-European god * Dyeus whose name probably meant "shine" or "sky".

  • Zev

    Variant transcription of Zeev.

  • Zevadyah

    Hebrew form of Zebadiah.

  • Zevulun

    Hebrew form of Zebulun.

  • Zeynab

    Azerbaijani form of Zaynab, as well as a variant transcription of Persian Zeinab.

  • Zeynep

    Turkish form of Zaynab.

  • Zezé

    Portuguese diminutive of José.

  • Zhaklina

    Macedonian and Bulgarian form of Jacqueline.

  • Zhaleh

    Means "dew" in Persian.

  • Zhanna

    Russian form of Jeanne.

  • Zhannochka

    Diminutive of Zhanna.

  • Zhao

    Zhao is a variant of Chao.

  • Zharko

    Macedonian form of žArko.

  • Zhelyazko

    Derived from Bulgarian (zhelyazo) "iron".

  • Zhen

    From Chinese "precious, rare", "real, true" or "chaste, pure".

  • Zheng

    From Chinese "just, proper" or "government".

  • Zhenya

    Russian diminutive of Yevgeniya or Yevgeniy or a Bulgarian diminutive of Evgeniya.

  • Zhi

    From Chinese "will, purpose" or "wisdom, knowledge".

  • Zhirayr

    Means "strong, active" in Armenian.

  • Zhivka

    Feminine form of Zhivko.

  • Zhivko

    Derived from the Slavic element (zhiv) "living".

  • Zhong

    From Chinese "loyal" or "middle".

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Names between Zephyrinus and Zhong that Begin with Z. Zephyrinus, Zephyros, Zephyrus, Zerach, Zerachiel, Zeru, Zeta, Zetta, Zeus, Zev, Zevadyah, Zevulun, Zeynab, Zeynep, Zezé, Zhaklina, Zhaleh, Zhanna, Zhannochka, Zhao, Zharko, Zhelyazko, Zhen, Zheng, Zhenya, Zhi, Zhirayr, Zhivka, Zhivko, Zhong, Names between Zephyrinus and Zhong that Begin with Z

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