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  • Zekiye

    Feminine form of Zeki.

  • Zelda

    Feminine form of Selig.

  • Zelde

    Feminine form of Selig.

  • Zelig

    Variant of Selig.

  • Želimir

    Derived from the Slavic elements zhelit "desire" and mir "peace".

  • Željka

    Feminine form of žEljko.

  • Željko

    Derived from South Slavic želja meaning "desire".

  • Zella

    German diminutive of Marcella.

  • Zelma

    Variant of Selma.

  • Zelophehad

    Possibly means either "first born" or "shadow from terror" in Hebrew.

  • Zelpha

    Form of Zilpah used in the Greek and Latin Old Testament.

  • Zemel

    Zemel is a Hebrew name and literally means "bread".

  • Zena

    Meaning unknown.

  • Zenaida

    Apparently a Greek derivative of Ζηναις (Zenais) , which was derived from the name of the Greek god Zeus.

  • Zénaïde

    French form of Zenaida.

  • Zenais

    Ancient Greek variant of Zenaida.

  • Zenia

    Variant of Xenia.

  • Zeno

    From the Greek name Ζηνων (Zenon) , which was derived from the name of the Greek god Zeus.

  • Zenobia

    Means "life of Zeus", derived from Greek Ζηνο (Zeno) , a prefix form of the name of Zeus, combined with βιος (bios) "life".

  • Zenobios

    Masculine form of Zenobia.

  • Zenoch

    Zenoch is a newly invented name and does not have any particular meaning.

  • Zenon

    Older form of Zeno, as well as the modern Polish form.

  • Zenovia

    Modern Greek form of Zenobia.

  • Zenzi

    Diminutive of Kreszenz.

  • Zeph

    Short form of Zephaniah.

  • Zephania

    Variant of Zephaniah.

  • Zephaniah

    From the Hebrew name (Tzefanyah) meaning " Yahweh has hidden".

  • Zephyr

    From the Greek Ζεφυρος (Zephyros) meaning "the west wind".

  • Zephyra

    Feminine form of Zephyr.

  • Zéphyrine

    French feminine form of Zephyrinus (see Zeferino).

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Names between Zekiye and Zéphyrine that Begin with Z. Zekiye, Zelda, Zelde, Zelig, Želimir, Željka, Željko, Zella, Zelma, Zelophehad, Zelpha, Zemel, Zena, Zenaida, Zénaïde, Zenais, Zenia, Zeno, Zenobia, Zenobios, Zenoch, Zenon, Zenovia, Zenzi, Zeph, Zephania, Zephaniah, Zephyr, Zephyra, Zéphyrine, Names between Zekiye and Zéphyrine that Begin with Z

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