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  • Dea

    Dea originates in Latin language and means "god-like".

  • Deacon

    Either from the occupational surname Deacon or directly from the vocabulary word deacon, which refer to a cleric in the Christian church (ultimately from Greek διακονος (diakonos) meaning "servant").

  • Dean

    From a surname, see Dean and Dean .

  • Deana

    Variant of Deanna.

  • Deandre

    Combination of the popular name prefix De and Andre.

  • Deangelo

    Combination of the popular name prefix De and Angelo.

  • Deanna

    Either a variant of Diana or a feminine form of Dean.

  • Deanne

    Variant of Deanna.

  • Dearbháil

    Means "daughter of Fál", derived from Gaelic der "daughter" and Fál, a legendary name for Ireland.

  • Deasún

    Irish form of Desmond.

  • Deb

    Short form of Deborah.

  • Debbi

    Diminutive of Deborah.

  • Debbie

    Diminutive of Deborah.

  • Debbora

    Form of Deborah used in the Greek and Latin Old Testament.

  • Debby

    Diminutive of Deborah.

  • Debdan

    Bengali form of Devdan.

  • Debi

    Diminutive of Deborah.

  • Debora

    Italian, German and Dutch form of Deborah.

  • Débora

    Spanish, Portuguese and French form of Deborah.

  • Deborah

    Means "bee" in Hebrew.

  • Debra

    Variant of Deborah.

  • Decebal

    Means "powerful, brave" in Dacian.

  • December

    December originates in Latin language and means "the tenth one".

  • Decima

    Feminine form of Decimus.

  • Decimus

    Roman praenomen, or given name, meaning "tenth" in Latin.

  • Declan

    Anglicized form of Irish Deaglán, which is of unknown meaning.

  • Dederick

    Older form of Derek.

  • Dedrick

    From a surname which was derived from the given name Diederik.

  • Dee

    Short form of names beginning with D.

  • Deeann

    Variant of Deanna.

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Names between Dea and Deeann that Begin with D. Dea, Deacon, Dean, Deana, Deandre, Deangelo, Deanna, Deanne, Dearbháil, Deasún, Deb, Debbi, Debbie, Debbora, Debby, Debdan, Debi, Debora, Débora, Deborah, Debra, Decebal, December, Decima, Decimus, Declan, Dederick, Dedrick, Dee, Deeann, Names between Dea and Deeann that Begin with D

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