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  • Deemer

    From an English and Scottish surname meaning "judge", from Old English demere.

  • Deena

    Variant of Deanna.

  • Deepak

    Modern transcription of Dipaka.

  • Deepali

    Variant transcription of Dipali.

  • Deepti

    Variant transcription of Dipti.

  • Deforest

    From a French surname meaning "from the forest".

  • Deforrest

    Variant of Deforest.

  • Deidra

    Variant of Deirdre.

  • Deidre

    Variant of Deirdre.

  • Deimos

    Means "terror" in Greek.

  • Deiniol

    Welsh form of Daniel.

  • Deion

    Variant of Dion.

  • Deirbhile

    Means "daughter of a poet" from Gaelic der "daughter" and file "poet".

  • Deirdre

    From the older Gaelic form Derdriu, meaning unknown, possibly derived from a Celtic word meaning "woman".

  • Deitra

    Variant of Deirdre.

  • Deja

    Means "already" from the French phrase deja vu meaning "already seen".

  • Dejan

    Possibly derived from the South Slavic word dejati meaning "to act, to do".

  • Dejana

    Feminine form of Dejan.

  • Dejen

    Means "foundation, support" in Amharic.

  • Dejohn

    Dejohn is a modern invention, a derivation of the name John.

  • Dejuan

    Dejuan is a modern invention, a Spanish derivation of the name John.

  • Deka

    Deka possibly originates in Somali language and means "the pleasing one".

  • Dekel

    Means "palm tree" in Hebrew.

  • Delaiah

    Means " Yahweh has drawn" in Hebrew.

  • Delaney

    From a surname: either the English surname Delaney or the Irish surname Delaney .

  • Delano

    From a French surname, originally De la Noye, indicating that the bearer was from a place called La Noue (ultimately Gaulish meaning "wetland, swamp").

  • Delayahu

    Hebrew form of Delaiah.

  • Delbert

    Short form of Adelbert.

  • Delfina

    Italian and Spanish form of Delphina.

  • Delia

    Means "of Delos" in Greek.

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Names between Deemer and Delia that Begin with D. Deemer, Deena, Deepak, Deepali, Deepti, Deforest, Deforrest, Deidra, Deidre, Deimos, Deiniol, Deion, Deirbhile, Deirdre, Deitra, Deja, Dejan, Dejana, Dejen, Dejohn, Dejuan, Deka, Dekel, Delaiah, Delaney, Delano, Delayahu, Delbert, Delfina, Delia, Names between Deemer and Delia that Begin with D

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