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  • Darnell

    From a surname, possibly derived from Old French darnel, a type of grass.

  • Darold

    Darold is a modern invention that is a compound of two names, Darryl and Harold.

  • Darragh

    Variant of Dara or Anglicized form of Dáire.

  • Darrel

    Variant of Darrell.

  • Darrell

    From an English surname which was derived from Norman French d'Airelle, originally denoting one who came from Airelle in France.

  • Darren

    The meaning of this name is not known for certain.

  • Darrin

    Variant of Darren.

  • Darryl

    Variant of Darrell.

  • Darshana

    Means "seeing, understanding, philosophy" in Sanskrit.

  • D'artagnan

    Means "from Artagnan" in French, Artagnan being a town in southwestern France.

  • Darwin

    From a surname which was derived from the Old English given name Deorwine which meant "dear friend".

  • Darya

    Russian and Belarusian form of Daria.

  • Daryawesh

    Form of Darius used in the Hebrew Bible.

  • Daryl

    Variant of Darrell.

  • Daryna

    Derived from the Slavic element dar meaning "gift".

  • Daryush

    Variant transcription of Dariush.

  • Dash

    Dash is an Old English name that is derived from the ash tree.

  • Dashiell

    In the case of American author Dashiell Hammett (1894-1961), it is an Anglicized form of his mother's surname De Chiel, which is of unknown meaning.

  • Dassah

    Short form of Hadassah.

  • Dathan

    Possibly means "fountain" in Hebrew.

  • Daud

    Variant transcription of Dawud.

  • Dauid

    Greek form of David.

  • Daumantas

    From Lithuanian daug "much" and mantus "intelligent".

  • Dave

    Short form of David.

  • Davena

    Variant of Davina.

  • Daveth

    Cornish form of David.

  • Davey

    Diminutive of David.

  • Davi

    Portuguese form of David.

  • Davian

    Davian is a variant of David.

  • David

    From the Hebrew name (Dawid) , which was probably derived from Hebrew (dwd) meaning "beloved".

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Names between Darnell and David that Begin with D. Darnell, Darold, Darragh, Darrel, Darrell, Darren, Darrin, Darryl, Darshana, D'artagnan, Darwin, Darya, Daryawesh, Daryl, Daryna, Daryush, Dash, Dashiell, Dassah, Dathan, Daud, Dauid, Daumantas, Dave, Davena, Daveth, Davey, Davi, Davian, David, Names between Darnell and David that Begin with D

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