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  • Dávid

    Hungarian and Slovak form of David.

  • Davida

    Feminine form of David.

  • Davide

    Italian form of David.

  • Davidu

    Old Slavic form of David.

  • Davie

    Diminutive of David.

  • Davin

    Possibly a variant of Devin influenced by David.

  • Davina

    Feminine form of David.

  • Davinia

    Variant of Davina.

  • Davis

    From a surname which was derived from the given name David.

  • Davit

    Georgian form of David.

  • Daviti

    Georgian form of David.

  • Davor

    Possibly from an old Slavic exclamation expressing joy or sorrow.

  • Davorin

    Variant of Davor.

  • Davorka

    Feminine form of Davor.

  • Davy

    Diminutive of David.

  • Daw

    Medieval diminutive of David.

  • Dawid

    Polish form of David, as well as the original Hebrew form.

  • Dawn

    From the English word dawn, ultimately derived from Old English dagung.

  • Dawood

    Variant transcription of Dawud.

  • Dawson

    From a surname meaning "son of David ".

  • Dawud

    Arabic form of David.

  • Dax

    From an English surname which was derived either from the town of Dax in France or else from the Old English given name Dæcca (of unknown meaning).

  • Daya

    Daya probably originates in Hebrew language and means "hunted bird".

  • Dayaram

    Means "compassion of Rama" from Sanskrit (daya) "compassion" combined with the name of the god Rama.

  • Daylen

    Daylen is a variant of the name Dallin, itself derived from the two Old English words, “Dalla” and “ing” which meant “the settlement of the descendents of Dalla”.

  • Dayna

    Feminine variant of Dana.

  • Dayo

    Means "joy arrives" in Yoruba.

  • Dayton

    From an English surname which was derived from a place name which possibly meant either "dairy town" or "ditch town" in Old English.

  • Dazbog

    Variant of Dazhdbog.

  • Dazhdbog

    Possibly means "the giving god" in Slavic.

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Names between Dávid and Dazhdbog that Begin with D. Dávid, Davida, Davide, Davidu, Davie, Davin, Davina, Davinia, Davis, Davit, Daviti, Davor, Davorin, Davorka, Davy, Daw, Dawid, Dawn, Dawood, Dawson, Dawud, Dax, Daya, Dayaram, Daylen, Dayna, Dayo, Dayton, Dazbog, Dazhdbog, Names between Dávid and Dazhdbog that Begin with D

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