Deacon name - Meaning of Deacon

Deacon name - Meaning of Deacon

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English (Modern)
Deacon Meaning
Either from the occupational surname Deacon or directly from the vocabulary word deacon, which refer to a cleric in the Christian church (ultimately from Greek διακονος (diakonos) meaning "servant"). Deacon is an Anglo – Scottish name and is derived from the Old English word “deakne”, itself derived from the Latin word “diaconus” or the Greek “diakonos” which means "a manservant or a friend". In Latin the term came to be associated with the clergy, with a deacon being a rank below that of an ordained minister.

Deacon Celebrities
Deacon Jones - football player, Deacon Phillippe - baseball player, Deacon Turner - football player, Deacon White - baseball player,

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Meaning of Deacon Name

Deacon name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Deacon.

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