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  • Damodara

    Means "rope around the belly", derived from Sanskrit (dama) "rope" and (udara) "belly".

  • Damon

    Derived from Greek δαμαω (damao) meaning "to tame".

  • Damyan

    Bulgarian form of Damian.

  • Dan

    Means "he judged" in Hebrew.

  • Dana

    Feminine form of Daniel.

  • Danae

    Danae originates in Greek language and means "running dry".

  • Danaë

    From Δαναοι (Danaoi) , a word used by Homer to designate the Greeks.

  • Danail

    Bulgarian form of Daniel.

  • Dand

    Scottish diminutive of Andrew.

  • Dane

    From an English surname which was either a variant of the surname Dean or else an ethnic name referring to a person from Denmark.

  • Danel

    Basque form of Daniel.

  • Danette

    Feminine diminutive of Daniel.

  • Dang

    Dang originates in Thai language and it means "red".

  • Danh

    Danh originates in Vietnamese language and it means "famous".

  • Dani

    Diminutive of Danielle.

  • Dania

    Spanish diminutive of Daniela.

  • Danica

    From a Slavic word meaning "morning star, Venus".

  • Daniel

    From the Hebrew name (Daniyyel) meaning "God is my judge".

  • Daniël

    Dutch form of Daniel.

  • Dániel

    Hungarian form of Daniel.

  • Daniela

    Feminine form of Daniel.

  • Daniele

    Italian form of Daniel.

  • Danièle

    French feminine form of Daniel.

  • Danielius

    Lithuanian form of Daniel.

  • Daniella

    Feminine form of Daniel.

  • Danielle

    French feminine form of Daniel.

  • Daniels

    Latvian form of Daniel.

  • Danihel

    Form of Daniel used in the Latin Bible.

  • Daniil

    Russian form of Daniel.

  • Daniilu

    Old Slavic form of Daniel.

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Names between Damodara and Daniilu that Begin with D. Damodara, Damon, Damyan, Dan, Dana, Danae, Danaë, Danail, Dand, Dane, Danel, Danette, Dang, Danh, Dani, Dania, Danica, Daniel, Daniël, Dániel, Daniela, Daniele, Danièle, Danielius, Daniella, Danielle, Daniels, Danihel, Daniil, Daniilu, Names between Damodara and Daniilu that Begin with D

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