Debra name - Meaning of Debra

Debra name - Meaning of Debra

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English, Hebrew
Debra Meaning
Variant of Deborah. Debra is a variant of Deborah. Deborah originates in Hebrew language and means "from a bee swarm". In the United States it was most popular in the middle of the 20th century, recently it rather declines. Deborah was a prophetess in the Old Testament, as well as Rebecca"s nurse in the Book of Genesis.

Debra Related Names
Variant:, Debbra
Diminutives: Deb, Debbi, Debbie, Debby, Debi
Other Languages: Deborah (Biblical), Debbora (Biblical Greek), Devorah (Biblical Hebrew), Debbora (Biblical Latin), Debora (Dutch), Débora (French), Debora (German), Deborah, Devorah, Dvorah (Hebrew), Debora (Italian), Débora (Portuguese), Débora (Spanish)

Debra Celebrities
Debra Bruse - writer, Debra Byrd - musician, Debra Cox - musician, Debra Dixon - writer, Debra McGrath - actress, Debra Messing - actress,

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Meaning of Debra Name

Debra name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Debra.

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