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  • Dardanos

    Possibly from Greek δαρδαπτω (dardapto) "to devour".

  • Darden

    From an English surname of unknown meaning, possibly from a place name.

  • Dareia

    Feminine form of Dareios (see Darius).

  • Dareios

    Greek form of Darius.

  • Darejan

    From the second part of Nestan-Darejan.

  • Darejani

    From the second part of Nestan-Darejan.

  • Darell

    Variant of Darrell.

  • Daren

    Variant of Darren.

  • Daria

    Feminine form of Darius.

  • Darian

    Probably an elaborated form of Darren.

  • Darien

    Variant of Darian.

  • Darija

    Croatian, Serbian and Slovene form of Daria.

  • Darijo

    Croatian form of Darius.

  • Darijus

    Lithuanian variant of Darius.

  • Darin

    Variant of Darren.

  • Darina

    Anglicized form of Dáiríne.

  • Darinka

    Either a diminutive of Darija, or a derivative of the Slavic element dar meaning "gift".

  • Dario

    Italian form of Darius.

  • Darío

    Spanish form of Darius.

  • Darion

    Variant of Darian.

  • Darius

    Roman form of Δαρειος (Dareios) , which was the Greek form of the Persian name Darayavahush, which was composed of the elements dâraya "to possess" and vahu "good".

  • Dariush

    Modern Persian form of Darayavahush (see Darius).

  • Dariusz

    Polish form of Darius.

  • Dariya

    Ukrainian form of Daria.

  • Darja

    Slovene and Czech form of Daria.

  • Darko

    Derived from the Slavic element dar meaning "gift".

  • Darla

    Short form of Darlene.

  • Darleen

    Variant of Darlene.

  • Darlene

    From the English word darling combined with the popular name suffix lene.

  • Darma

    Means "good deed" or "duty" in Indonesian and Javanese, ultimately from Sanskrit.

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Names between Dardanos and Darma that Begin with D. Dardanos, Darden, Dareia, Dareios, Darejan, Darejani, Darell, Daren, Daria, Darian, Darien, Darija, Darijo, Darijus, Darin, Darina, Darinka, Dario, Darío, Darion, Darius, Dariush, Dariusz, Dariya, Darja, Darko, Darla, Darleen, Darlene, Darma, Names between Dardanos and Darma that Begin with D

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