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  • Danijel

    Cognate of Daniel.

  • Danijela

    Feminine form of Daniel.

  • Danika

    Variant of Danica.

  • Danilo

    Cognate of Daniel.

  • Danita

    Feminine diminutive of Daniel.

  • Daniyah

    Means "close, near" in Arabic.

  • Daniyyel

    Original Hebrew form of Daniel.

  • Danko

    Diminutive of Gordan, Danilo or Danijel.

  • Danna

    Feminine form of Daniel or Dan.

  • Danni

    Diminutive of Danielle.

  • Dannie

    Diminutive of Daniel.

  • Danny

    Diminutive of Daniel.

  • Dante

    Medieval short form of Durante.

  • Danut

    Romanian diminutive of Dan.

  • Danuta

    Polish form of DanutĖ.

  • Danute

    Meaning uncertain.

  • Danya

    Feminine form of Dan.

  • Daphne

    Means "laurel" in Greek.

  • Daphné

    French form of Daphne.

  • Daquan

    Combination of the popular name elements Da and quan.

  • Dar

    Means "mother-of-pearl, nacre" in Hebrew.

  • Dara

    From the Irish Mac Dara which means Means "oak tree".

  • Darach

    Variant of Dara or Anglicized form of Dáire.

  • Daragh

    Variant of Dara or Anglicized form of Dáire.

  • Darayavahush

    Old Persian form of Darius.

  • Darby

    From an English surname, which was derived from the name of the town of Derby, meaning "deer town" in Old Norse.

  • Darcey

    Feminine form of Darcy.

  • Darcy

    From an English surname which was derived from Norman French d'Arcy, originally denoting one who came from Arcy in France.

  • Dardan

    From the name of the Dardani, an Illyrian tribe who lived on the Balkan Peninsula.

  • Dardana

    Feminine form of Dardan.

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Names between Danijel and Dardana that Begin with D. Danijel, Danijela, Danika, Danilo, Danita, Daniyah, Daniyyel, Danko, Danna, Danni, Dannie, Danny, Dante, Danut, Danuta, Danute, Danya, Daphne, Daphné, Daquan, Dar, Dara, Darach, Daragh, Darayavahush, Darby, Darcey, Darcy, Dardan, Dardana, Names between Danijel and Dardana that Begin with D

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