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  • Daliborka

    Feminine form of Dalibor.

  • Dalimil

    Derived from Slavic elements dal meaning "far away" and mil meaning "gracious, dear".

  • Dalit

    Means "to draw water" in Hebrew.

  • Dallas

    From a surname which was originally taken from a Scottish place name meaning "meadow dwelling".

  • Dalmatia

    Dalmatia originates in Illyrian languages and is taken from the name of the region in Croatia, located on the coast of Adriatic Sea.

  • Dalton

    From an English surname which was originally from a place name meaning "valley town" in Old English.

  • Daly

    From a surname which was a variant of Daley.

  • Dalya

    Variant transcription of Dalia.

  • Damari

    Damari is an English name and is a modern invention.

  • Damarion

    Damarion is a modern invention and is related to the Spanish name Damario, which itself is the addition of a “da” to the name Mario.

  • Damaris

    Probably means "calf, heifer, girl" from Greek δαμαλις (damalis).

  • Damayanti

    Means "subduing" in Sanskrit.

  • Damhán

    Means "fawn" from Gaelic damh "stag, ox" combined with a diminutive suffix.

  • Damhnait

    Means "fawn" from Gaelic damh "stag, ox" combined with a diminutive suffix.

  • Damiaan

    Dutch form of Damian.

  • Damian

    From the Greek name Δαμιανος (Damianos) which was derived from Greek δαμαω (damao) "to tame".

  • Damiana

    Italian feminine form of Damian.

  • Damiano

    Italian form of Damian.

  • Damianos

    Greek form of Damian.

  • Damianus

    Latinized form of Damianos.

  • Damien

    French form of Damian.

  • Damijan

    Slovene form of Damian.

  • Damijana

    Slovene feminine form of Damian.

  • Damion

    Variant of Damian.

  • Damir

    Derived from the Slavic elements dati "to give" and mir "peace".

  • Damjan

    Slovene, Croatian, Serbian and Macedonian form of Damian.

  • Damjana

    Slovene, Serbian and Macedonian feminine form of Damian.

  • Damla

    Means "water drop" in Turkish.

  • Damocles

    Latinized form of the Greek name Δαμοκλης (Damokles) , which was derived from δαμος (damos) "the people" (a Doric Greek variant of δημος (demos)) and κλεος (kleos) "glory".

  • Damodar

    Modern transcription of Damodara.

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Names between Daliborka and Damodar that Begin with D. Daliborka, Dalimil, Dalit, Dallas, Dalmatia, Dalton, Daly, Dalya, Damari, Damarion, Damaris, Damayanti, Damhán, Damhnait, Damiaan, Damian, Damiana, Damiano, Damianos, Damianus, Damien, Damijan, Damijana, Damion, Damir, Damjan, Damjana, Damla, Damocles, Damodar, Names between Daliborka and Damodar that Begin with D

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