Dee name - Meaning of Dee

Dee name - Meaning of Dee

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Masculine & Feminine
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Dee Meaning
Short form of names beginning with D. It may also be given in reference to the Dee River in Scotland. Dee originates in English language and can be used as a short form of any name beginning with D. It can be used as both feminine and masculine given names and it functions as a surname as well.

Dee Related Names
Variants: Dodie, Dolly, Dora, Dory, Dot, Dottie, Dotty, Dollie
Diminutives: Doreen, Doretta, Dorinda, Dorita
Other Languages: Dorotea, Doroteja, Dora, Tea (Croatian), Dorota (Czech), Dorothea, Dorte, Dorthe, Ditte, Dorete, Dorit, Ea, Tea, Thea (Danish), Dorothea, Dora (Dutch), Dorotea, Tea, Teija, Tiia (Finnish), Dorothée (French), Dorothea, Thea (German), Dorottya, Dóra, Dorika, Dorina (Hungarian), Dorotea (Italian), Dorothea (Late Greek), Dorotėja, Urtė (Lithuanian), Dörthe (Low German), Doroteja (Macedonian), Dorothea, Ea, Tea, Thea (Norwegian), Dorota, Dosia (Polish), Doroteia (Portuguese), Dorotéia (Portuguese (Brazilian) ), Doroteja, Dora (Serbian), Dorota (Slovak), Doroteja, Tea, Teja (Slovene), Dorotea, Dora, Dorita (Spanish), Dorotea, Ea, Tea, Thea (Swedish)

Dee Celebrities
Dee Wallace Stone - actress,

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Meaning of Dee Name

Dee name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Dee.

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