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  • Václav

    Contracted form of the older name Veceslav meaning "more glory", from the Slavic elements vece "more" and slav "glory".

  • Václava

    Czech feminine form of Václav.

  • Vada

    Vada probably originates in Sanskrit and means "wiseness, wisdom".

  • Vadik

    Diminutive of Vadim.

  • Vadim

    Meaning unknown, possibly related to the Slavic element volod "rule", or possibly derived from an Old Norse source.

  • Vahan

    Means "shield" in Armenian.

  • Vahid

    Persian form of Wahid.

  • Vahit

    Turkish form of Wahid.

  • Väinämöinen

    Derived from Finnish väinä "wide and slow-flowing river".

  • Väinö

    Short form of Väinämöinen.

  • Vakhtang

    Derived from Old Persian varka-tanu meaning "wolf-bodied".

  • Val

    Short form of Valentine , Valerie, and other names beginning with Val.

  • Valarie

    Variant of Valerie.

  • Valary

    Variant of Valerie.

  • Valda

    Modern coinage from Germanic wald meaning "power, rule".

  • Valdas

    Short form of Valdemaras and other Lithuanian names containing the Germanic /Baltic element wald "rule".

  • Valdemar

    Scandinavian form of Waldemar.

  • Valdemaras

    Lithuanian cognate of Waldemar.

  • Valdez

    Valdez originates in Spanish language and the meaning is not clear.

  • Valdimárr

    Old Norse form of Valdemar.

  • Valdis

    Short form of VoldemĀRs and other Latvian names containing the Germanic /Baltic element wald "rule".

  • Valdís

    Derived from Old Norse valr "the dead" and dís "goddess".

  • Vale

    Vale is a diminutive of Valentino, itself an Italian variant of Valentine.

  • Valence

    Valence is a masculine form of Valencia.

  • Valencia

    From a Late Latin name which was derived from valentia "power".

  • Valens

    Roman cognomen (see Valentine).

  • Valent

    Croatian short form of Valentin.

  • Valentijn

    Dutch form of Valentinus (see Valentine).

  • Valentin

    Form of Valentinus (see Valentine).

  • Valentín

    Spanish and Slovak form of Valentinus (see Valentine).

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Names that Begin with V. Václav, Václava, Vada, Vadik, Vadim, Vahan, Vahid, Vahit, Väinämöinen, Väinö, Vakhtang, Val, Valarie, Valary, Valda, Valdas, Valdemar, Valdemaras, Valdez, Valdimárr, Valdis, Valdís, Vale, Valence, Valencia, Valens, Valent, Valentijn, Valentin, Valentín, Names that Begin with V

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