Valdemar name - Meaning of Valdemar

Valdemar name - Meaning of Valdemar

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Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Germanic
Valdemar Meaning
Scandinavian form of Waldemar. This was the name of four kings of Denmark. Valdemar originates in Germanic languages and means "famous ruler". As a masculine given name it is mainly used in Scandinavian languages. Some sources also suggest it could be a derivative of the Slavic name Vladimir.

Valdemar Related Names
Diminutive: Valto (Finnish)
Other Languages: Waldomar (Ancient Germanic), Valdimárr (Ancient Scandinavian), Uladzimir (Belarusian), Vladimir (Bulgarian), Vladimir, Vlado, Vlatko (Croatian), Vladimír, Vladan (Czech), Vladimer, Lado (Georgian), Waldemar (German), Voldemārs, Valdis (Latvian), Valdemaras, Vladimiras, Voldemaras, Valdas (Lithuanian), Vladimir, Vlatko (Macedonian), Waldemar, Włodzimierz, Waldek, Walduś (Polish), Vladilen, Vladimir, Vladlen, Volodya, Vova (Russian), Vladimir, Vladan, Vlado, Vlatko (Serbian), Vladimír, Vladan (Slovak), Vladimir (Slovene), Volodymyr, Wolodymyr (Ukrainian)

Valdemar Celebrities
Valdemar Esgalha - soccer player,

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Meaning of Valdemar Name

Valdemar name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Valdemar.

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