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  • Vendela

    Swedish feminine form of Wendel.

  • Vendelín

    Czech and Slovak form of Wendelin.

  • Vendula

    Diminutive of Václava.

  • Venera

    Russian, Bulgarian and Albanian form of Venus.

  • Venetia

    Originally this was probably a Latinized form of Gwynedd or Gwyneth.

  • Veniamin

    Russian form of Benjamin.

  • Veniaminu

    Old Slavic form of Benjamin.

  • Venijamin

    Macedonian form of Benjamin.

  • Venka

    Means "victorious" in Esperanto.

  • Venkat

    Modern transcription of Venkata.

  • Venkata

    From the name of a sacred hill in southern India.

  • Venla

    Finnish feminine form of Wendel.

  • Ventseslav

    Bulgarian form of Václav, via the Latinized form Venceslaus.

  • Ventura

    Ventura originates in Latin language and means "good luck".

  • Venus

    Means "love, sexual desire" in Latin.

  • Venyamin

    Variant transcription of Veniamin.

  • Vera

    Czech form of Vera.

  • Vercingetorix

    Means "king over warriors" from Gaulish ver "on, over" combined with cingeto "marching men, warriors" and rix "king".

  • Verda

    Verda probably originates in Spanish language and means "truth".

  • Verdandi

    From the Old Norse Verðandi meaning "becoming, happening".

  • Vere

    From a Norman surname which was from a French place name, which was itself derived from a Gaulish word meaning "alder".

  • Vered

    Means "rose" in Hebrew.

  • Verena

    Possibly related to Latin verus "true".

  • Vérène

    French form of Verena.

  • Verethragna

    Ancient Avestan form of Bahram.

  • Vergil

    Variant of Virgil.

  • Vergilius

    Latin form of Virgil.

  • Verginia

    Variant of Virginia.

  • Verginius

    Masculine form of Virginia.

  • Verica

    Serbian and Croatian diminutive of Vera.

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Names between Vendela and Verica that Begin with V. Vendela, Vendelín, Vendula, Venera, Venetia, Veniamin, Veniaminu, Venijamin, Venka, Venkat, Venkata, Venla, Ventseslav, Ventura, Venus, Venyamin, Vera, Vercingetorix, Verda, Verdandi, Vere, Vered, Verena, Vérène, Verethragna, Vergil, Vergilius, Verginia, Verginius, Verica, Names between Vendela and Verica that Begin with V

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