Václav name - Meaning of Václav

Václav name - Meaning of Václav

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Czech, Slovak
Václav Meaning
Contracted form of the older name Veceslav meaning "more glory", from the Slavic elements vece "more" and slav "glory". Saint Václav (known as Wenceslas in English) was a 10th-century duke of Bohemia murdered by his brother. He is the patron saint of the Czech Republic. This was also the name of several Bohemian kings.

Václav Related Names
Variant: Věnceslav (Czech)
Feminine Forms: Václava, Vendula (Czech)
Other Languages: Ventseslav (Bulgarian), Wenzel, Wenzeslaus (German), Wenceslas, Wenceslaus (History), Vencel (Hungarian), Venceslao (Italian), Veceslav, Venceslaus (Medieval Czech), Wacław, Więcesław (Polish), Veaceslav (Romanian), Vyacheslav, Slava (Russian), Venceslás (Spanish), Vyacheslav (Ukrainian)

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Meaning of Václav Name

Václav name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Václav.

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