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  • Vasilica

    Diminutive or feminine form of Vasile.

  • Vasilii

    Old Slavic form of Basil.

  • Vasilija

    Serbian and Macedonian feminine form of Basil.

  • Vasilije

    Serbian form of Basil.

  • Vasiliki

    Modern Greek feminine form of Basil.

  • Vasilios

    Modern Greek form of Basil.

  • Vasilis

    Modern Greek form of Basil.

  • Vasilisa

    Russian feminine form of Basil.

  • Vasiliy

    Russian form of Basil.

  • Vasilka

    Bulgarian and Macedonian feminine diminutive of Basil.

  • Vasily

    Variant transcription of Vasiliy.

  • Vaska

    Diminutive of Vasiliy.

  • Vasko

    Diminutive of Vasil.

  • Vaso

    Diminutive of Vasilis, Vasil or Vasilije.

  • Vassilis

    Variant transcription of Vasilis.

  • Vassily

    Variant transcription of Vasiliy.

  • Vasu

    Means "bright, excellent" in Sanskrit.

  • Vasuda

    Means "granting wealth" in Sanskrit.

  • Vasundhara

    Means "possessor of wealth" in Sanskrit, used to refer to the earth.

  • Vasya

    Diminutive of Vasiliy.

  • Vasyl

    Ukrainian form of Basil.

  • Vasylyna

    Ukrainian feminine form of Basil.

  • Vaughan

    From a surname which was a variant of Vaughn.

  • Vaughn

    From a Welsh surname which was derived from Welsh bychan meaning "little".

  • Vavrinec

    Czech form of Laurentius (see Laurence).

  • Vazha

    Derived from Georgian (vazhi) meaning "son".

  • Veaceslav

    Romanian (Moldovan) form of Václav.

  • Veasna

    Means "opportunity, good fortune" in Khmer.

  • Veca

    Diminutive of Vesna.

  • Veceslav

    Older form of Václav.

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Names between Vasilica and Veceslav that Begin with V. Vasilica, Vasilii, Vasilija, Vasilije, Vasiliki, Vasilios, Vasilis, Vasilisa, Vasiliy, Vasilka, Vasily, Vaska, Vasko, Vaso, Vassilis, Vassily, Vasu, Vasuda, Vasundhara, Vasya, Vasyl, Vasylyna, Vaughan, Vaughn, Vavrinec, Vazha, Veaceslav, Veasna, Veca, Veceslav, Names between Vasilica and Veceslav that Begin with V

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