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  • Veríssimo

    From the Latin name Verissimus which meant "very true".

  • Verissimus

    Latin form of Veríssimo.

  • Verity

    From the English word meaning "verity, truth".

  • Verlin

    Verlin is an English name and means "blooming".

  • Vern

    Short form of Vernon.

  • Verna

    Feminine form of Vernon, sometimes associated with the Latin word vernus "spring".

  • Verner

    Scandinavian form of Werner.

  • Vernon

    From a Norman surname which was from a French place name, ultimately derived from the Gaulish word vern meaning "alder".

  • Verochka

    Russian diminutive of Vera.

  • Verona

    From the name of the city in Italy, which is itself of unknown meaning.

  • Veronica

    Latin alteration of Berenice, the spelling influenced by the ecclesiastical Latin phrase vera icon meaning "true image".

  • Verónica

    Spanish form of Veronica.

  • Verônica

    Portuguese form of Veronica.

  • Veronika

    Cognate of Veronica.

  • Véronique

    French form of Veronica.

  • Vertti

    Finnish diminutive of Ferdinand.

  • Verusha

    Russian diminutive of Vera.

  • Vesa

    Means "sprout, young tree" in Finnish.

  • Vesela

    Derived from South Slavic vesel meaning "cheerful".

  • Veselin

    Derived from South Slavic vesel meaning "cheerful".

  • Veselko

    Derived from South Slavic vesel meaning "cheerful".

  • Veslemøy

    Means "little girl" from Norwegian vesle "little" and møy "girl".

  • Vesna

    Means "messenger" in Slavic.

  • Vespasian

    From the Roman cognomen Vespasianus, derived either from Latin vesper meaning "west" or "evening" or vespa meaning "wasp".

  • Vespasiano

    Italian form of Vespasianus (see Vespasian).

  • Vespasianus

    Ancient Roman form of Vespasian.

  • Vespasien

    French form of Vespasianus (see Vespasian).

  • Vespera

    Means "of the evening" in Esperanto.

  • Vesta

    Probably a Roman cognate of Hestia.

  • Vester

    Short form of Silvester.

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Names between Veríssimo and Vester that Begin with V. Veríssimo, Verissimus, Verity, Verlin, Vern, Verna, Verner, Vernon, Verochka, Verona, Veronica, Verónica, Verônica, Veronika, Véronique, Vertti, Verusha, Vesa, Vesela, Veselin, Veselko, Veslemøy, Vesna, Vespasian, Vespasiano, Vespasianus, Vespasien, Vespera, Vesta, Vester, Names between Veríssimo and Vester that Begin with V

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