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  • Veta

    Short form of Elisaveta.

  • Veva

    Possibly a diminutive of Genevieve.

  • Vi

    Short form of Violet.

  • Vianne

    Meaning unknown, perhaps a combination of Vi and Anne or a short form of Vivianne.

  • Viator

    Late Latin name (see Beatrix).

  • Viatrix

    Earlier form of Beatrix.

  • Vibeke

    Danish and Norwegian form of Wiebke.

  • Vibiana

    Feminine form of Vibianus.

  • Vibianus

    Roman cognomen which was a derivative of Vibius.

  • Vibius

    Roman family name of unknown meaning, probably of Etruscan origin.

  • Vibol

    Means "abundant" in Khmer.

  • Vic

    Short form of Victor or Victoria.

  • Vicenç

    Catalan form of Vincent.

  • Vicent

    Catalan form of Vincent.

  • Vicente

    Spanish and Portuguese form of Vincent.

  • Vick

    Vick is a diminutive of Victor.

  • Vicki

    Diminutive of Victoria.

  • Vickie

    Diminutive of Victoria.

  • Vicky

    Diminutive of Victoria.

  • Vico

    Italian short form of Lodovico.

  • Victoire

    French form of Victoria.

  • Victor

    Roman name meaning "victor" in Latin.

  • Víctor

    Spanish and Catalan form of Victor.

  • Victoria

    Feminine form of Victorius, though later it was regarded as coming directly from Latin victoria meaning "victory".

  • Victorina

    Feminine form of Victorinus.

  • Victorine

    French feminine form of Victorinus.

  • Victorino

    Spanish and Portuguese form of Victorinus.

  • Victorinus

    Roman name which was derived from Victor.

  • Victorius

    Roman name which was derived from Victor.

  • Vid

    Slovene, Croatian and Hungarian form of Wido or Vitus.

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Names between Veta and Vid that Begin with V. Veta, Veva, Vi, Vianne, Viator, Viatrix, Vibeke, Vibiana, Vibianus, Vibius, Vibol, Vic, Vicenç, Vicent, Vicente, Vick, Vicki, Vickie, Vicky, Vico, Victoire, Victor, Víctor, Victoria, Victorina, Victorine, Victorino, Victorinus, Victorius, Vid, Names between Veta and Vid that Begin with V

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