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  • Vida

    Hungarian form of Wido or Vitus.

  • Vidal

    Spanish form of Vitalis (see Vitale).

  • Vidar

    From the Old Norse Víðarr, which is possibly derived from víðr "forest" and arr "warrior".

  • Víðarr

    Old Norse form of Vidar.

  • Vidya

    Means "knowledge, science, learning" in Sanskrit.

  • Vien

    Vien originates in Vietnamese language and it means "complete".

  • Viên

    Means "round, full, complete" in Vietnamese.

  • Vienne

    From the French name of the capital city of Austria, known in English as Vienna.

  • Vieno

    Means "gentle" in Finnish.

  • Vigdís

    Icelandic form of Vígdís.

  • Vígdís

    Derived from the Old Norse elements víg "war" and dís "goddess".

  • Viggo

    Short form of names containing the Old Norse element víg "war".

  • Vígi

    Old Norse form of Viggo.

  • Viivi

    Finnish form of Viviana.

  • Vijay

    Modern transcription of Vijaya.

  • Vijaya

    Means "victory" in Sanskrit.

  • Vikenti

    Variant transcription of Vikentiy.

  • Vikentije

    Serbian form of Vincent.

  • Vikentiy

    Russian form of Vincent.

  • Viking

    From the Old Norse name Víkingr meaning "viking, raider", ultimately from vík "bay, inlet".

  • Víkingr

    Old Norse form of Viking.

  • Vikki

    Diminutive of Victoria.

  • Vikram

    Modern transcription of Vikrama.

  • Vikrama

    Means "stride, pace" or "valour" in Sanskrit.

  • Viktor

    Form of Victor.

  • Viktoras

    Lithuanian form of Victor.

  • Viktoria

    German and Scandinavian form of Victoria.

  • Viktória

    Hungarian and Slovak form of Victoria.

  • Viktorie

    Czech form of Victoria.

  • Viktorija

    Lithuanian, Slovene and Croatian form of Victoria.

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Names between Vida and Viktorija that Begin with V. Vida, Vidal, Vidar, Víðarr, Vidya, Vien, Viên, Vienne, Vieno, Vigdís, Vígdís, Viggo, Vígi, Viivi, Vijay, Vijaya, Vikenti, Vikentije, Vikentiy, Viking, Víkingr, Vikki, Vikram, Vikrama, Viktor, Viktoras, Viktoria, Viktória, Viktorie, Viktorija, Names between Vida and Viktorija that Begin with V

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