Val name - Meaning of Val

Val name - Meaning of Val

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Masculine & Feminine
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English, Latin
Val Meaning
Short form of Valentine , Valerie, and other names beginning with Val. Val is a diminutive of various names starting with Val-, most often Valerie. Valerie originates in Latin language and means "powerful, strong". It is a feminine form of Valerius, and was derived into English via French. Saint Valerie was a Roman virgin martyr. It has been one of the most popular girls" names since the 18th centrury.

Val Related Names
Other Languages: Valentinus, Valeria (Ancient Roman), Balendin (Basque), Valentin (Bulgarian), Valentin, Valerija, Tin, Valent (Croatian), Valentin, Valérie, Valerie (Czech), Valentin (Danish), Valentijn (Dutch), Valentin, Valérie (French), Valentin, Valeria, Valerie, Valeska (German), Bálint, Valéria (Hungarian), Valentino, Valeria, Tino (Italian), Valērija (Latvian), Valerija (Lithuanian), Valentin (Macedonian), Valentin (Norwegian), Walenty, Waleria (Polish), Valéria (Portuguese), Valentin, Valeria, Vali (Romanian), Valentin, Valeriya (Russian), Ualan (Scottish), Valerija (Serbian), Valentín, Valéria (Slovak), Valentin, Valerija, Tine, Tinek (Slovene), Valentín, Valeria (Spanish), Valentin (Swedish), Valentyn (Ukrainian), Folant (Welsh)

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Meaning of Val Name

Val name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Val.

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