Valentin name - Meaning of Valentin

Valentin name - Meaning of Valentin

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Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, German, French, Czech, Russian, Bulgarian, Slovene, Croatian, Macedonian, Romanian, Latin
VAH-len-teen (German) , vah-lyen-TEEN (Russian) , vah-leen-TEEN (Russian)
Valentin Meaning
Form of Valentinus (see Valentine). Valentin is a variant of Valentine. Valentine is derived from the Latin name "Valentinus", itself based on the Latin word "valens", which means "healthy or strong". Valentine is also a French feminine form of the name, na equivalent of Valentina.

Valentin Related Names
Diminutives: Tine, Tinek (Slovene), Tin, Valent (Croatian), Vali (Romanian)
Feminine Forms: Valentine (French), Valentina (Russian), Valentina (Slovene), Valentina (Croatian), Valentina (Macedonian), Valentina (Romanian)
Other Languages: Valentinus (Ancient Roman), Balendin (Basque), Valentijn (Dutch), Valentine, Val (English), Bálint (Hungarian), Valentino, Tino (Italian), Walenty (Polish), Ualan (Scottish), Valentín (Slovak), Valentín (Spanish), Valentyn (Ukrainian), Folant (Welsh)

Valentin Celebrities
Valentin Dimov - tennis player, Valentin Lebedev - astronaut, Valentin Preda - athlete,

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Meaning of Valentin Name

Valentin name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Valentin.

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