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  • Vardah

    Variant transcription of Varda.

  • Vardan

    Derived from Armenian (vard) meaning "rose", ultimately from Persian.

  • Vardo

    Derived from Georgian (vardi) meaning "rose", ultimately from Persian via Armenian.

  • Varduhi

    Means "rose lady" in Armenian.

  • Varfolomei

    Variant transcription of Varfolomey.

  • Varfolomey

    Russian form of Bartholomew.

  • Varg

    Means "wolf" in Old Norse.

  • Varghese

    Short form of Geevarghese.

  • Varick

    Varick is a Germanic name and means "protector and ruler".

  • Varinia

    Feminine form of Varinius.

  • Varinius

    Roman family name possibly derived from Varius.

  • Varius

    Roman family name which meant "versatile" in Latin.

  • Varlaam

    Russian form of Barlaam.

  • Varlam

    Variant of Varlaam.

  • Varnava

    Russian form of Barnabas.

  • Varner

    Varner is a variant of Werner.

  • Varpu

    From the Finnish name for a type of berry bush.

  • Vartan

    Variant transcription of Vardan.

  • Vartouhi

    Variant transcription of Varduhi.

  • Varvara

    Russian, Greek, Bulgarian and Macedonian form of Barbara.

  • Varya

    Diminutive of Varvara.

  • Vasa

    Short form of Vasilija.

  • Vasant

    Modern transcription of Vasanta.

  • Vasanta

    Means "brilliant" or "spring" in Sanskrit.

  • Vasanti

    Feminine form of Vasanta.

  • Vasco

    From the medieval Spanish name Velasco which possibly meant "crow" in Basque.

  • Vashti

    Possibly means "thread" in Hebrew, but it is most likely of Persian origin.

  • Vasil

    Bulgarian, Macedonian, Georgian and Albanian form of Basil.

  • Vasile

    Romanian form of Basil.

  • Vasili

    Variant transcription of Vasiliy.

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Names between Vardah and Vasili that Begin with V. Vardah, Vardan, Vardo, Varduhi, Varfolomei, Varfolomey, Varg, Varghese, Varick, Varinia, Varinius, Varius, Varlaam, Varlam, Varnava, Varner, Varpu, Vartan, Vartouhi, Varvara, Varya, Vasa, Vasant, Vasanta, Vasanti, Vasco, Vashti, Vasil, Vasile, Vasili, Names between Vardah and Vasili that Begin with V

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