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  • Heliodoros

    Greek form of Heliodoro.

  • Helios

    Means "sun" in Greek.

  • Helka

    Finnish form of Helga.

  • Hella

    Variant of Helga.

  • Hellä

    Means "gentle, tender" in Finnish.

  • Helladios

    Greek form of Helladius.

  • Helladius

    Latinized form of the Late Greek name ‘Ελλαδιος (Helladios) , which was derived from ‘Ελλαδος (Hellados) meaning "of Greece".

  • Helle

    Danish variant of Helga.

  • Hellen

    Variant of Helen.

  • Heller

    Heller is a Medieval English name, derived from the Old English word "hyll", which means "hill".

  • Hellerson

    Hellerson means "son of Heller".

  • Helm

    Helm is a diminutive of Helmut.

  • Helma

    Short form of Wilhelmina.

  • Helmfrid

    Old Germanic form of Helmfried.

  • Helmfried

    Derived from the Germanic elements helm "helmet" and frid "peace".

  • Helmi

    Diminutive of Vilhelmiina or Vilhelmina.

  • Helmine

    Short form of Wilhelmine.

  • Helmo

    Old Germanic form of Elmo.

  • Helmold

    Germanic name derived from the elements helm "helmet" and wald "rule".

  • Helmut

    Derived from the Germanic elements helm "helmet" and muot "spirit, mind".

  • Helmuth

    Variant of Helmut.

  • Heloise

    Heloise is a French form of Eloise.

  • Héloïse

    French form of Eloise.

  • Hemera

    Means "day" in Greek.

  • Hemi

    Maori form of James.

  • Hemingr

    Old Norse form of Hemming.

  • Hemming

    Perhaps derived from Old Norse hamr "shape", and possibly originally a nickname for a person believed to be a shape changer.

  • Hena

    Yiddish form of Hannah.

  • Henda

    Yiddish form of Hannah.

  • Hendel

    Yiddish diminutive of Hannah.

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Names between Heliodoros and Hendel that Begin with H. Heliodoros, Helios, Helka, Hella, Hellä, Helladios, Helladius, Helle, Hellen, Heller, Hellerson, Helm, Helma, Helmfrid, Helmfried, Helmi, Helmine, Helmo, Helmold, Helmut, Helmuth, Heloise, Héloïse, Hemera, Hemi, Hemingr, Hemming, Hena, Henda, Hendel, Names between Heliodoros and Hendel that Begin with H

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