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  • Henderson

    From a Scottish surname meaning "son of Henry ".

  • Hendrick

    Hendrick is a variant of Henry.

  • Hendrik

    Dutch and Estonian cognate of Henry.

  • Hendrika

    Feminine form of Hendrik.

  • Hendrikje

    Feminine form of Hendrik.

  • Hendrina

    Feminine form of Hendrik.

  • Hendry

    Scots variant of Henry.

  • Hene

    Yiddish form of Hannah.

  • Heng

    Means "permanent, constant" in Chinese.

  • Hengist

    Means "stallion" in Germanic.

  • Henio

    Henio is a German diminutive of Henry.

  • Henk

    Dutch short form of Hendrik.

  • Henley

    Henley is an English name, derived from the Old English words "heah", which means "high", and "leah", which means "wood or clearing".

  • Henna

    Finnish feminine form of Henry.

  • Hennie

    Dutch diminutive and feminine form of Hendrik.

  • Henning

    Diminutive of Henrik.

  • Henny

    Dutch diminutive and feminine form of Hendrik.

  • Henri

    French form of Henry.

  • Henrich

    Slovak form of Henry.

  • Henrick

    Henrick is a variant of Henry.

  • Henricus

    Latinized form of Heinrich.

  • Henrietta

    English form of Henriette.

  • Henriette

    French feminine diminutive of Henry.

  • Henriëtte

    Dutch variant of Henriette.

  • Henriikka

    Finnish feminine form of Henry.

  • Henrik

    Form of Henry.

  • Henrika

    Swedish feminine form of Henry.

  • Henrikas

    Lithuanian form of Henry.

  • Henrike

    German and Scandinavian feminine form of Henry.

  • Henrikki

    Finnish form of Henry.

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Names between Henderson and Henrikki that Begin with H. Henderson, Hendrick, Hendrik, Hendrika, Hendrikje, Hendrina, Hendry, Hene, Heng, Hengist, Henio, Henk, Henley, Henna, Hennie, Henning, Henny, Henri, Henrich, Henrick, Henricus, Henrietta, Henriette, Henriëtte, Henriikka, Henrik, Henrika, Henrikas, Henrike, Henrikki, Names between Henderson and Henrikki that Begin with H

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