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  • Heiner

    Diminutive of Heinrich.

  • Heino

    German form of Haimo (see Hamo).

  • Heinrich

    German form of Henry.

  • Heinrike

    Feminine form of Heinrich.

  • Heintje

    Feminine diminutive of Hendrik.

  • Heinz

    Diminutive of Heinrich.

  • Heitor

    Portuguese form of Hector.

  • Hekate

    Greek form of Hecate.

  • Hektor

    Greek form of Hector.

  • Hel

    In Norse mythology this was the name of the daughter of Loki.

  • Helah

    Means "rust" in Hebrew.

  • Helder

    Variant of Hélder.

  • Hélder

    From the name of the Dutch town of Den Helder (possibly meaning "hell's door" in Dutch).

  • Heledd

    Meaning unknown.

  • Heleen

    Dutch variant of Helen.

  • Heleena

    Finnish variant of Helena.

  • Heleentje

    Dutch diminutive of Helen.

  • Helen

    English form of the Greek ‘Ελενη (Helene) , probably from Greek ‘ελενη (helene) "torch" or "corposant", or possibly related to σεληνη (selene) "moon".

  • Helena

    Latvian form of Helen.

  • Heléna

    Hungarian form of Helen.

  • Helene

    Ancient Greek form of Helen, as well as the modern German and Scandinavian form.

  • Hélène

    French form of Helen.

  • Helewidis

    Old Germanic form of Eloise.

  • Helfried

    Variant of Helmfried.

  • Helga

    Feminine form of Helge.

  • Helge

    From the from Old Norse name Helgi, derived from heilagr meaning "holy, blessed".

  • Helgi

    Old Norse form of Helge.

  • Heli

    Latin form of Eli used in the Old and New Testament.

  • Helias

    Latin form of Elijah used in some versions of the Vulgate.

  • Heliodoro

    From the Greek name ‘Ηλιοδωρος (Heliodoros) which meant "gift of the sun".

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Names between Heiner and Heliodoro that Begin with H. Heiner, Heino, Heinrich, Heinrike, Heintje, Heinz, Heitor, Hekate, Hektor, Hel, Helah, Helder, Hélder, Heledd, Heleen, Heleena, Heleentje, Helen, Helena, Heléna, Helene, Hélène, Helewidis, Helfried, Helga, Helge, Helgi, Heli, Helias, Heliodoro, Names between Heiner and Heliodoro that Begin with H

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