Helmut name - Meaning of Helmut

Helmut name - Meaning of Helmut

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German, Ancient Germanic
HEL-moot (German)
Helmut Meaning
Derived from the Germanic elements helm "helmet" and muot "spirit, mind". Helmut is a German name, derived from the Old Germanic words "helm", which means "helmet or protection", and "muot", which means "spirit or courage".

Helmut Related Names
Variant: Helmuth (German)

Helmut Celebrities
Helmut Kohl - former German Chancellor, Helmut Griem - actor, Helmut Lotti - musician, Helmut Rahn - soccer player, Helmut Weiss - soccer player,

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Meaning of Helmut Name

Helmut name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Helmut.

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