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  • Hewitt

    Hewitt is an English name and means "little Hugh".

  • Heydar

    Persian form of Haidar.

  • Heyne

    Heyne is most likely derived from the name Henry.

  • Hezekiah

    From the Hebrew name (Chizqiyahu) , which means " Yahweh strengthens".

  • Hiawatha

    From the Iroquoian name Haio-went-ha meaning "he who combs".

  • Hiba

    Means "gift" in Arabic.

  • Hibiki

    Means "echo, sound" in Japanese.

  • Hidde

    Frisian short form of names containing the Germanic element hild meaning "battle".

  • Hideaki

    From Japanese (hide) "excellent" and (aki) "bright".

  • Hideki

    From Japanese (hide) "esteem, excellence" or (hide) "excellent" combined with (ki) "tree".

  • Hideo

    Hideo is a derivative of the Japanese name Hideaki, which means "excellent male child".

  • Hideyoshi

    From Japanese (hide) "esteem, excellence" combined with (yoshi) "good" or (yoshi) "good luck".

  • Hien

    Hien originates in Vietnamese language and it means "gentle man".

  • Hieremias

    Latin form of Jeremiah.

  • Hieronymos

    Original Greek form of Jerome.

  • Hieronymus

    Latin form of Jerome used in Germany and the Netherlands.

  • Hieu

    Latin form of Jehu.

  • Hiezecihel

    Biblical Latin form of Ezekiel.

  • Higini

    Catalan form of Hyginus.

  • Hikari

    Means "light" in Japanese.

  • Hikaru

    From Japanese "light" or "radiance".

  • Hikialani

    Hikialani is a Hawaiian name that literally means "looking up to heaven".

  • Hikmat

    Derived from Arabic (hikmah) meaning "wisdom".

  • Hikmet

    Turkish form of Hikmat.

  • Hila

    Means "halo" in Hebrew.

  • Hilaire

    French form of Hilarius.

  • Hilargi

    Means "moon" in Basque.

  • Hilaria

    Feminine form of Hilarius.

  • Hilarion

    Derived from Greek ‘ιλαρος (hilaros) meaning "cheerful".

  • Hilarius

    Roman name which was derived from Latin hilaris meaning "cheerful".

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Names between Hewitt and Hilarius that Begin with H. Hewitt, Heydar, Heyne, Hezekiah, Hiawatha, Hiba, Hibiki, Hidde, Hideaki, Hideki, Hideo, Hideyoshi, Hien, Hieremias, Hieronymos, Hieronymus, Hieu, Hiezecihel, Higini, Hikari, Hikaru, Hikialani, Hikmat, Hikmet, Hila, Hilaire, Hilargi, Hilaria, Hilarion, Hilarius, Names between Hewitt and Hilarius that Begin with H

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