Helka name - Meaning of Helka

Helka name - Meaning of Helka

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Finnish, Old Norse
Helka Meaning
Finnish form of Helga. Helka is a Finnish variant of Helga. Helga originates in Old Norse language and means "divine woman". It is a feminine form of Helge. Helga is a very popular name in Scandinavian countries and Germany, in the United States it has never gained popularity.

Helka Related Names
Other Languages: Helga (Ancient Scandinavian), Olga (Bulgarian), Olga, Olgica (Croatian), Olga (Czech), Helga, Olga, Hege, Hella, Helle, Laila (Danish), Helga, Olga, Hella (German), Olga (Hungarian), Olga, Olgica (Macedonian), Helga, Olga, Hege, Hella, Laila (Norwegian), Olga (Polish), Olga (Portuguese), Olga (Romanian), Olga, Olya (Russian), Áile, Láilá (Sami), Olga, Olgica (Serbian), Oľga (Slovak), Olga (Slovene), Olga (Spanish), Helga, Olga, Hella, Laila (Swedish)

Helka Celebrities
Helka Hynninen - singer,

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Meaning of Helka Name

Helka name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Helka.

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