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  • Hattie

    Diminutive of Harriet.

  • Hatty

    Diminutive of Harriet.

  • Hau

    Hau originates in Vietnamese language and it means "wishful".

  • Hauke

    Hauke is an Old Germanic name that literally means "hawk".

  • Haukea

    Means "white snow" from Hawaiian hau "snow" and kea "white".

  • Haul

    Means "sun" in Welsh.

  • Haulani

    Haulani is a Hawaiian name that means "royal ruler".

  • Haunani

    Haunani originates in Hawaiian language and means "snow beauty".

  • Haurvatat

    Means "health, perfection, wholeness" in Avestan.

  • Hava

    Modern Hebrew form of Eve.

  • Håvard

    Norwegian form of HávarðR.

  • Havardr

    Havardr originates in Old Norse and means "the highest guardian".

  • Hávarðr

    From the Old Norse elements há "high" and varðr "guardian, defender".

  • Havel

    Czech and Slovak form of Gallus.

  • Haven

    From the English word for a safe place, derived ultimately from Old English hæfen.

  • Havilah

    Means "stretch of sand" in Hebrew.

  • Havryil

    Ukrainian form of Gabriel.

  • Havva

    Turkish form of Eve.

  • Hawa

    Arabic form of Eve.

  • Hawke

    Hawke is an Anglo-Saxon name of Germanic origins that literally means "hawk".

  • Hayate

    Means "smooth" in Japanese.

  • Hayati

    Means "vital" in Turkish.

  • Hayato

    From Japanese (haya) "falcon" and (to) "person".

  • Haydar

    Turkish form of Haidar.

  • Haydée

    Spanish form of Haidee.

  • Hayden

    From an English surname which was derived from place names meaning either "hay valley" or "hay hill", derived from Old English heg "hay" and denu "valley" or dun "hill".

  • Hayder

    Variant transcription of Haidar.

  • Haydn

    From a German surname meaning "heathen".

  • Hayes

    Hayes is a locational Anglo-Saxon name, denoting that the bearer comes from Hayes in Kent.

  • Hayfa

    Means "slender" in Arabic.

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Names between Hattie and Hayfa that Begin with H. Hattie, Hatty, Hau, Hauke, Haukea, Haul, Haulani, Haunani, Haurvatat, Hava, Håvard, Havardr, Hávarðr, Havel, Haven, Havilah, Havryil, Havva, Hawa, Hawke, Hayate, Hayati, Hayato, Haydar, Haydée, Hayden, Hayder, Haydn, Hayes, Hayfa, Names between Hattie and Hayfa that Begin with H

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