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  • Herodotus

    Latinized form of the Greek name ‘Ηροδοτος (Herodotos) , meaning "given to the hero", derived from ‘ηρως (heros) "hero, warrior" and δοτος (dotos) "given to, granted".

  • Heron

    Derived from Greek ‘ηρως (heros) meaning "hero".

  • Heros

    Heros is an Armenian name, derived from Greek word "hero".

  • Herrick

    Herrick is an English name with Germanic roots and it means "army rule".

  • Herrold

    Herrold is a variant of Harold.

  • Herry

    Medieval English form of Henry.

  • Herschel

    Variant transcription of Hershel.

  • Hersh

    Means "deer" in Yiddish.

  • Hershel

    Diminutive of Hersh.

  • Hersilia

    Meaning unknown.

  • Herta

    Variant of Hertha.

  • Hertha

    Form of Nerthus.

  • Heru

    Reconstructed Egyptian form of Horus.

  • Herut

    Means "freedom" in Hebrew.

  • Hervé

    French form of Harvey.

  • Hervey

    Variant of Harvey.

  • Herz

    Herz originates in Germanic languages and means "heart".

  • Hesekiel

    Finnish form of Ezekiel.

  • Hesham

    Variant transcription of Hisham.

  • Heshel

    Variant of Hershel.

  • Hesiod

    From the Greek name ‘Ησιοδος (Hesiodos) , which probably means "to throw song" from ‘ησι (hesi) "to throw" and ωιδης (oides) "song, ode".

  • Hesperos

    Means "evening" in Greek.

  • Hester

    Latin form of Esther.

  • Hestia

    Derived from Greek ‘εστια (hestia) "hearth, fireside".

  • Het-Heru

    Egyptian form of Hathor.

  • Hettie

    Diminutive of Henrietta or Hester.

  • Heulog

    Means "sunny" in Welsh.

  • Heulwen

    Means "sunshine" in Welsh.

  • Hevel

    Hebrew form of Abel.

  • Hewie

    Variant of Hughie.

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Names between Herodotus and Hewie that Begin with H. Herodotus, Heron, Heros, Herrick, Herrold, Herry, Herschel, Hersh, Hershel, Hersilia, Herta, Hertha, Heru, Herut, Hervé, Hervey, Herz, Hesekiel, Hesham, Heshel, Hesiod, Hesperos, Hester, Hestia, Het-Heru, Hettie, Heulog, Heulwen, Hevel, Hewie, Names between Herodotus and Hewie that Begin with H

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