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  • Hartwell

    Hartwell is an English name, derived from the Old English words "hart", which means "stag", and "waell", which means "pool".

  • Hartwig

    Derived from the Germanic elements hard "brave, hardy" and wig "battle".

  • Hartwin

    Means "brave friend" from the Germanic elements hard "brave, hardy" and win "friend".

  • Haru

    From Japanese "sun, sunlight", "spring" or "clear up".

  • Haruka

    From Japanese "far off, distant".

  • Haruki

    From Japanese (haru) "clear up" or (haru) "sun, sunlight" combined with (ki) "radiance, shine" or (ki) "life".

  • Haruko

    From Japanese (haru) "spring" or (haru) "sun, sunlight" combined with (ko) "child".

  • Harun

    Arabic form of Aaron.

  • Haruna

    From Japanese (haru) "clear up", (haru) "far off, distant" or (haru) "spring" combined with (na) "vegetables, greens".

  • Haruto

    From Japanese (haru) "sun, sunlight", (haru) "distant" or (haru) "clear up" combined with (to) , which refers to the constellation Ursa Major, or (to) "soar, fly".

  • Harvard

    Harvard is an English name, derived from the Old English given name "Hereweard", itself a compound of the words "heri", which means "army", and "weard", which means "guard or defence".

  • Harve

    Short form of Harvey.

  • Harvey

    From the Breton given name Haerviu, which meant "battle worthy", from haer "battle" and viu "worthy".

  • Harvie

    Variant of Harvey.

  • Hasan

    Means "handsome", derived from Arabic (hasuna) "to be beautiful, to be good".

  • Hasdrubal

    Means "Ba'al helps" from Phoenician azru "help" combined with the name of the god Ba'al.

  • Hashim

    Means "crusher, breaker" in Arabic.

  • Hasib

    Means "noble, respected" in Arabic.

  • Hasim

    Means "decisive" in Arabic.

  • Haskel

    Yiddish form of Ezekiel.

  • Haskell

    Haskell is an Old Norse name, derived from the Old Norse personal name "Asketill", itself derived from two words - "oss" or "ass", which means "God", and "ketill", which meant "sacrificial cauldron".

  • Hassan

    Means "beautifier, improver" in Arabic.

  • Hasse

    Swedish diminutive of Hans.

  • Hastings

    Hastings is derived from the Norse Viking personal name "Hastein", which means "violent".

  • Hatcher

    Hatcher is an Anglo-Saxon name, derived from two Old English words - "haecce", which means "a gate", and the suffix "er", which implies "a dweller at".

  • Hathai

    Hathai originates in Thai language and it means "heart".

  • Hathor

    Greek form of Egyptian Het-Heru which means "the house of Horus", derived from Egyptian hwt "house" combined with Hr the god Horus.

  • Hatice

    Turkish form of Khadija.

  • Hatim

    Means "determined, decisive" in Arabic.

  • Hatshepsut

    Means "foremost of noble women" in Egyptian.

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Names between Hartwell and Hatshepsut that Begin with H. Hartwell, Hartwig, Hartwin, Haru, Haruka, Haruki, Haruko, Harun, Haruna, Haruto, Harvard, Harve, Harvey, Harvie, Hasan, Hasdrubal, Hashim, Hasib, Hasim, Haskel, Haskell, Hassan, Hasse, Hastings, Hatcher, Hathai, Hathor, Hatice, Hatim, Hatshepsut, Names between Hartwell and Hatshepsut that Begin with H

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