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  • Haakon

    Variant of Håkon.

  • Habacuc

    Latin form of Habakkuk used in some versions of the Vulgate.

  • Habakkuk

    From the Hebrew name (Chavaqquq) meaning "embrace".

  • Habib

    Means "beloved, darling" in Arabic.

  • Habiba

    Feminine form of Habib.

  • Hachiro

    Variant transcription of Hachirou.

  • Hachirou

    From Japanese (hachi) "eight" and (rou) "son".

  • Hackett

    Hackett is an English name, derived from the Old Danish "Hake", a nick name given to a "person with a hooked nose".

  • Hadad

    Possibly derived from a Semitic root meaning "thunder".

  • Hadar

    Means "splendour, glory" in Hebrew.

  • Hadas

    Means "myrtle tree" in Hebrew.

  • Hadassah

    Means "myrtle tree" in Hebrew.

  • Hades

    From Greek ‘Αιδης (Haides) , derived from αιδης (aides) meaning "unseen".

  • Hadewig

    Old Germanic form of Hedwig.

  • Hadewych

    Dutch form of Hedwig.

  • Hadi

    Means "leader, guide" in Arabic.

  • Hadia

    Feminine form of Hadi.

  • Hadil

    Means "cooing (of a pigeon) " in Arabic.

  • Hadiya

    Feminine form of Hadi.

  • Hadiyya

    Means "gift" in Arabic.

  • Hadjara

    Variant transcription of Hajar.

  • Hadley

    From an English surname which was derived from a place name meaning "heather field" in Old English.

  • Hadrian

    From the Roman cognomen Hadrianus, which meant "from Hadria" in Latin.

  • Hadriana

    Feminine form of Hadrianus.

  • Hadrianus

    Original Roman form of Hadrian.

  • Hadufuns

    Derived from the Germanic elements hadu "battle, combat" and funs "ready".

  • Hadwin

    Hadwin is derived from Old French as well as Old German origins.

  • Hadya

    Variant transcription of Hadiya.

  • Hadyn

    Variant of Hayden.

  • Haerviu

    Breton form of Harvey.

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Names that Begin with H. Haakon, Habacuc, Habakkuk, Habib, Habiba, Hachiro, Hachirou, Hackett, Hadad, Hadar, Hadas, Hadassah, Hades, Hadewig, Hadewych, Hadi, Hadia, Hadil, Hadiya, Hadiyya, Hadjara, Hadley, Hadrian, Hadriana, Hadrianus, Hadufuns, Hadwin, Hadya, Hadyn, Haerviu, Names that Begin with H

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