Zena name - Meaning of Zena

Zena name - Meaning of Zena

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English, Greek
Zena Meaning
Meaning unknown. It could be a variant of Xenia or a diminutive of names featuring this sound, such as Alexina, Rosina or Zenobia. This name has occasionally been used since the 19th century. Zena originates in Greek language and most likely is a diminutive of Xenie. Some sources suggest, though, that it could be a variant of Zenobia. Xenia originates in Greek language and means "woman of hospitality". As a feminine given name it is mostly popular in Russia and Greece. It is the name of a Russian saint, as well as a 5th century Roman saint. There is also a Greek concept of hospitality called Xenia.

Zena Related Names
Variants: Zeena, Zeenah, Zenah, Zenna, Zennah

Zena Celebrities
Zena Grey - actress, Zena Marshall - actress, Zena McNally - singer, Zena Walker - actress,

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Meaning of Zena Name

Zena name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Zena.

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