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  • Ilan

    Means "tree" in Hebrew.

  • Ilana

    Feminine form of Ilan.

  • Ilanit

    Feminine form of Ilan.

  • Ilar

    Welsh form of Hilarius.

  • Ilari

    Russian and Finnish form of Hilarius.

  • Ilaria

    Italian feminine form of Hilarius.

  • Ilario

    Italian form of Hilarius.

  • Ilarion

    Bulgarian and Macedonian form of Hilarion.

  • Ilbert

    From an English surname which was derived from the Germanic given name Hildebert.

  • Ilda

    Italian form of Hilda.

  • Ildar

    Tatar form of Eldar.

  • Ildefonso

    Spanish form of the Visigothic name Hildefons, which meant "battle ready", derived from the Germanic elements hild "battle" and funs "ready".

  • Ildi

    Hungarian diminutive of Ildikó.

  • Ildiko

    Ildiko is most likely a Hungarian variant of Hilda.

  • Ildikó

    Possibly a form of Hilda.

  • Ildo

    Ildo is a diminutive of Ildiko, itself most likely a Hungarian variant of Hilda.

  • Ildó

    Hungarian diminutive of Ildikó.

  • Ilean

    Variant of Eileen.

  • Ileana

    Possibly a Romanian variant of Helen.

  • Ileen

    Variant of Eileen.

  • Ilene

    Variant of Eileen, probably inspired by the spelling of Irene.

  • Ilham

    Means "inspiration" in Arabic.

  • Ilhami

    Turkish form of Ilham.

  • Ilhan

    Means "ruler" in Turkish.

  • Ili

    Hungarian diminutive of Ilona.

  • Ilia

    Georgian form of Elijah.

  • Iliana

    Variant of Ileana.

  • Ilie

    Romanian form of Elias.

  • Ilija

    Macedonian, Serbian and Croatian form of Elijah, and a Bulgarian variant transcription of Iliya.

  • Ilina

    Feminine form of Ilija.

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Names between Ilan and Ilina that Begin with I. Ilan, Ilana, Ilanit, Ilar, Ilari, Ilaria, Ilario, Ilarion, Ilbert, Ilda, Ildar, Ildefonso, Ildi, Ildiko, Ildikó, Ildo, Ildó, Ilean, Ileana, Ileen, Ilene, Ilham, Ilhami, Ilhan, Ili, Ilia, Iliana, Ilie, Ilija, Ilina, Names between Ilan and Ilina that Begin with I

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