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  • Iman

    Means "faith", derived from Arabic (amuna) "to be faithful".

  • Imani

    Means "faith" in Swahili, ultimately of Arabic origin.

  • Imanol

    Basque form of Emmanuel.

  • Imari

    Imari is a version of the African name Imani, which means "faithful".

  • Ime

    Means "patience" in Ibibio.

  • Imeda

    Derived from Georgian (imedi) meaning "hope".

  • Imelda

    Italian and Spanish form of Irmhild.

  • Imen

    Variant transcription of Iman.

  • Imhotep

    Means "he comes in peace" in Egyptian.

  • Imke

    Diminutive of Imma.

  • Imma

    Low German form of Irma.

  • Immacolata

    Italian cognate of Inmaculada.

  • Immaculata

    Latin form of Inmaculada.

  • Immanuel

    Form of Emmanuel used in most translations of the Old Testament.

  • Imogen

    The name of a princess in the play 'Cymbeline' (1609) by Shakespeare.

  • Imogene

    Variant of Imogen.

  • Impi

    Means "maiden, virgin" in Finnish.

  • Imram

    Variant of Imran.

  • Imran

    Arabic form of Amram.

  • Imre

    Hungarian form of Emmerich.

  • Imrich

    Slovak form of Emmerich.

  • Imriška

    Slovak feminine form of Emmerich.

  • Imrus

    Diminutive of Imre.

  • Imtiyaz

    Means "distinction" in Arabic.

  • Ina

    Short form of names ending with ina.

  • Inácio

    Portuguese form of Ignatius.

  • Iñaki

    Basque form of Ignatius.

  • In'am

    Means "giving, bestowal" in Arabic.

  • Inanna

    Possibly derived from Sumerian (n) in-an-na "lady of the sky".

  • Inas

    Means "friendliness" in Arabic.

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Names between Iman and Inas that Begin with I. Iman, Imani, Imanol, Imari, Ime, Imeda, Imelda, Imen, Imhotep, Imke, Imma, Immacolata, Immaculata, Immanuel, Imogen, Imogene, Impi, Imram, Imran, Imre, Imrich, Imriška, Imrus, Imtiyaz, Ina, Inácio, Iñaki, In'am, Inanna, Inas, Names between Iman and Inas that Begin with I

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