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  • Ilinca

    Feminine form of Ilie.

  • Ilinka

    Feminine form of Ilija.

  • Ilithyia

    From the Greek Ειλειθυια (Eileithyia) , which was derived from ειληλυθυια (eilelythyia) "the readycomer".

  • Iliya

    Bulgarian form of Elijah.

  • Ilka

    Hungarian diminutive of Ilona.

  • Ilkay

    Means "new moon" in Turkish, derived from ilk "first" and ay "moon".

  • Ilker

    Means "first man" in Turkish.

  • Ilkin

    Means "first" in Turkish and Azerbaijani.

  • Ilknur

    Means "first light" in Turkish.

  • Illarion

    Russian form of Hilarion.

  • Illes

    Illes is a Hungarian variant of Elijah.

  • Illés

    Hungarian form of Elias.

  • Illiam

    Manx form of William.

  • Illtyd

    Means "multitude of land" from Welsh il "multitude" and tud "land, people".

  • Ilma

    Means "air" in Finnish.

  • Ilmari

    Short form of Ilmarinen.

  • Ilmarinen

    Derived from Finnish ilma "air".

  • Ilmatar

    Derived from Finnish ilma "air".

  • Ilona

    Possibly a Hungarian form of Helen.

  • Ilonka

    Hungarian diminutive of Ilona.

  • Ilsa

    Variant of Ilse.

  • Ilse

    German and Dutch diminutive of Elisabeth.

  • Ilta

    Means "evening" in Finnish.

  • Ilya

    Russian form of Elijah.

  • Ilyas

    Arabic form of Elijah.

  • Ima

    Variant of Emma.

  • Imaculada

    Portuguese cognate of Inmaculada.

  • Imad

    Means "support" or "pillar" in Arabic.

  • Imam

    Means "leader" in Arabic.

  • Imamu

    Means "spiritual leader" in Swahili, ultimately from Arabic (Imam).

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Names between Ilinca and Imamu that Begin with I. Ilinca, Ilinka, Ilithyia, Iliya, Ilka, Ilkay, Ilker, Ilkin, Ilknur, Illarion, Illes, Illés, Illiam, Illtyd, Ilma, Ilmari, Ilmarinen, Ilmatar, Ilona, Ilonka, Ilsa, Ilse, Ilta, Ilya, Ilyas, Ima, Imaculada, Imad, Imam, Imamu, Names between Ilinca and Imamu that Begin with I

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