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  • Idris

    Means "ardent lord" from Welsh udd "lord, prince" combined with ris "ardent, enthusiastic, impulsive".

  • Idriya

    Means "duck" in Hebrew.

  • Idun

    Modern Scandinavian form of IðUnn.

  • Iðunn

    Probably derived from Old Norse ið "again" and unna "to love".

  • Iedida

    Form of Jedidah used in the Greek Old Testament.

  • Iefan

    Welsh form of John.

  • Iekika

    Hawaiian form of Jessica.

  • Iephthae

    Form of Jephthah used in the Greek Old Testament.

  • Iepthae

    Form of Jephthah used in the Latin Old Testament.

  • Ieremias

    Greek form of Jeremiah.

  • Ieronimus

    Medieval Latin form of Jerome.

  • Iesha

    Variant of Aisha.

  • Iesous

    Greek form of Joshua and Jesus.

  • Iestyn

    Welsh form of Justin.

  • Iesus

    Latin form of Iesous (see Jesus).

  • Ieuan

    Old Welsh form of John.

  • Ieva

    Lithuanian and Latvian form of Eve.

  • Iezekiel

    Biblical Greek form of Ezekiel.

  • Ifan

    Welsh form of John.

  • Ife

    Means "love" in Yoruba.

  • Iga

    Diminutive of Jadwiga or Ignacja.

  • Ige

    Means "born feet first" in Yoruba.

  • Igerna

    Latin form of Igraine.

  • Iggy

    Diminutive of Ignatius.

  • Ignaas

    Dutch form of Ignatius.

  • Ignac

    Slovene form of Ignatius.

  • Ignác

    Hungarian and Czech form of Ignatius.

  • Ignace

    French form of Ignatius.

  • Ignacij

    Slovene form of Ignatius.

  • Ignacio

    Spanish form of Ignatius.

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Names between Idris and Ignacio that Begin with I. Idris, Idriya, Idun, Iðunn, Iedida, Iefan, Iekika, Iephthae, Iepthae, Ieremias, Ieronimus, Iesha, Iesous, Iestyn, Iesus, Ieuan, Ieva, Iezekiel, Ifan, Ife, Iga, Ige, Igerna, Iggy, Ignaas, Ignac, Ignác, Ignace, Ignacij, Ignacio, Names between Idris and Ignacio that Begin with I

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