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  • Inocencio

    Spanish form of Innocentius (see Innocent).

  • Intan

    Means "diamond" in Indonesian.

  • Into

    Means "enthusiasm" in Finnish.

  • Io

    Meaning unknown.

  • Ioab

    Greek and Latin form of Joab.

  • Ioachim

    Latin form of Ioakeim.

  • Ioakeim

    Greek form of Joachim, found in the apocryphal Gospel of James.

  • Ioan

    Romanian and Welsh form of John.

  • Ioana

    Romanian feminine form of John.

  • Ioane

    Older Georgian form of John.

  • Ioann

    Older Russian form of John.

  • Ioanna

    Greek form of Joanna.

  • Ioannes

    Greek form of Yochanan (see John).

  • Ioannis

    Greek form of John.

  • Ioannu

    Old Slavic form of Ioannes (see John).

  • Iob

    Form of Job used in the Greek and Latin Old Testament.

  • Iodocus

    Latinized form of Judoc (see Joyce).

  • Ioel

    Form of Joel used in the Greek Old Testament.

  • Iohanna

    Latin form of Ioanna (see Joanna).

  • Iohannes

    Latin form of Ioannes (see John).

  • Iohel

    Form of Joel used in the Latin Old Testament.

  • Iokepa

    Iokepa is a Hawaiian form of Joseph.

  • Iokua

    Hawaiian form of Joshua.

  • Iola

    Probably a variant of Iole.

  • Iolana

    Means "to soar" in Hawaiian.

  • Iolanda

    Italian, Portuguese and Romanian form of Yolanda.

  • Iolanthe

    Probably a variant of Yolanda influenced by the Greek words ιολη (iole) "violet" and ανθος (anthos) "flower".

  • Iole

    Means "violet" in Greek.

  • Iolo

    Diminutive of Iorwerth.

  • Iolyn

    Diminutive of Iorwerth.

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Names between Inocencio and Iolyn that Begin with I. Inocencio, Intan, Into, Io, Ioab, Ioachim, Ioakeim, Ioan, Ioana, Ioane, Ioann, Ioanna, Ioannes, Ioannis, Ioannu, Iob, Iodocus, Ioel, Iohanna, Iohannes, Iohel, Iokepa, Iokua, Iola, Iolana, Iolanda, Iolanthe, Iole, Iolo, Iolyn, Names between Inocencio and Iolyn that Begin with I

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