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  • Iarlaith

    Variant of Iarfhlaith.

  • Iason

    Ancient Greek form of Jason.

  • Ib

    Danish diminutive of Jakob.

  • Ibb

    Medieval English diminutive of Isabel.

  • Ibbie

    Diminutive of Isabel.

  • Ibolya

    Means "violet" in Hungarian.

  • Ibragim

    Chechen and Ossetian form of Abraham.

  • Ibraheem

    Variant transcription of Ibrahim.

  • Ibrahim

    Turkish form of Abraham.

  • Ibrahima

    Form of Ibrahim used in some parts of western Africa.

  • Ibro

    Bosnian diminutive of Ibrahim.

  • Ibtihaj

    Means "joy" in Arabic.

  • Ibtisam

    Means "smile" in Arabic.

  • Icarus

    From the Greek Ικαρος (Ikaros) , perhaps meaning "follower".

  • Ichabod

    Means "no glory" in Hebrew.

  • Ichiro

    Variant transcription of Ichirou.

  • Ichirou

    From Japanese (ichi) "one" and (rou) "son".

  • Ida

    Derived from the Germanic element id meaning "work, labour".

  • Idan

    Means "era" in Hebrew.

  • Íde

    Possibly derived from Old Irish ítu "thirst".

  • Idella

    Elaboration of Ida.

  • Idelle

    Elaboration of Ida.

  • Idida

    Form of Jedidah used in the Latin Old Testament.

  • Idir

    Means "alive" in Tamazight.

  • Ido

    Ido is derived from the Germanic word "id", which means "labor or work".

  • Idonea

    Medieval English name, probably a Latinized form of IðUnn.

  • Idony

    Medieval English vernacular form of Idonea.

  • Idowu

    Means "born after twins" in Yoruba.

  • Idoya

    From the Spanish place name Idoia, possibly meaning "pond" in Basque, an important place of worship of the Virgin Mary.

  • Idril

    Means "sparkle brilliance" in Sindarin.

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Names between Iarlaith and Idril that Begin with I. Iarlaith, Iason, Ib, Ibb, Ibbie, Ibolya, Ibragim, Ibraheem, Ibrahim, Ibrahima, Ibro, Ibtihaj, Ibtisam, Icarus, Ichabod, Ichiro, Ichirou, Ida, Idan, Íde, Idella, Idelle, Idida, Idir, Ido, Idonea, Idony, Idowu, Idoya, Idril, Names between Iarlaith and Idril that Begin with I

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