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  • Hrodland

    Old Germanic form of Roland.

  • Hrodohaidis

    Derived from the Germanic elements hrod "fame" and heid "kind, sort, type" (see Rose).

  • Hróðólfr

    Old Norse cognate of Hrodulf (see Rudolf).

  • Hrodpreht

    Variant of Hrodebert.

  • Hrodulf

    Old Germanic form of Rudolf.

  • Hróðvaldr

    Old Norse form of Roald.

  • Hrœrekr

    Old Norse cognate of Hroderich (see Roderick).

  • Hrolf

    Contracted form of Hrodulf.

  • Hrólfr

    Contracted form of HróðÓlfr.

  • Hrothgar

    Modern form of HroðGar.

  • Hrotsuitha

    Old Germanic form of Roswitha.

  • Hrvoje

    Derived from Croatian Hrvat meaning "Croat".

  • Hryhoriy

    Ukrainian form of Gregory.

  • Hua

    From Chinese "magnificent, Chinese" or "flower" (which is usually only feminine).

  • Huacaltzintli

    Huacaltzintli originates in Native American languages and its meaning is unclear.

  • Huan

    Means "happy, joyous" in Chinese.

  • Huang

    Means "bright" in Chinese.

  • Hubert

    Means "bright heart", derived from the Germanic elements hug "heart, mind" and beraht "bright".

  • Huberta

    Huberta originates in Germanic languages and means "woman with clever mind".

  • Hubertus

    Latinized form of Hubert.

  • Hubrecht

    Dutch variant of Hubert.

  • Huda

    Means "right guidance" in Arabic.

  • Hudde

    Medieval diminutive of Hugh or possibly Richard.

  • Hudes

    Yiddish form of Judith.

  • Hudson

    From an English surname which meant "son of Hudde ".

  • Hue

    Hue originates in Vietnamese language and it means "lily flower".

  • Huey

    Variant of Hughie.

  • Hugh

    From the Germanic element hug, meaning "heart, mind, spirit".

  • Hughard

    Derived from the Germanic elements hug "heart, mind" and hard "brave, hardy".

  • Hughes

    Hughes is derived from Hugh, itself an English variant of Hugo.

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Names between Hrodland and Hughes that Begin with H. Hrodland, Hrodohaidis, Hróðólfr, Hrodpreht, Hrodulf, Hróðvaldr, Hrœrekr, Hrolf, Hrólfr, Hrothgar, Hrotsuitha, Hrvoje, Hryhoriy, Hua, Huacaltzintli, Huan, Huang, Hubert, Huberta, Hubertus, Hubrecht, Huda, Hudde, Hudes, Hudson, Hue, Huey, Hugh, Hughard, Hughes, Names between Hrodland and Hughes that Begin with H

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