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  • Hirshel

    Variant transcription of Hershel.

  • Hirune

    Means "trinity" in Basque, derived from hiru meaning "three".

  • Hisao

    Hisao is a Japanese name and literally means "life story".

  • Hisashi

    Hisashi is a Japanese name that literally means "constancy".

  • Hisato

    Hisato is a Japanese name that literally means "longevity".

  • Hisein

    Variant transcription of Husayn.

  • Hisham

    Means "generous" in Arabic, ultimately from hashama "to crush".

  • Hitomi

    From Japanese "pupil of the eye".

  • Hitomu

    Hitomu is a Japanese name that literally means "one dream".

  • Hitoshi

    Hitoshi is a Japanese name that literally means "benevolence".

  • Hiwot

    Means "life" in Amharic.

  • Hizkiah

    Alternate form of the Hebrew name Chizqiyahu (see Hezekiah).

  • Hjalmar

    From the Old Norse name Hjálmarr meaning "helmeted warrior" from the element hjalmr "helmet" combined with arr "warrior".

  • Hjálmarr

    Old Norse form of Hjalmar.

  • Hjördis

    Modern Swedish form of Hjördís.

  • Hjördís

    Means "sword goddess", derived from Old Norse hjörr "sword" and dís "goddess".

  • Hjørdis

    Modern Danish and Norwegian form of Hjördís.

  • Hjörtur

    Means "deer" in Icelandic.

  • Hlengiwe

    Means "nursed" in Zulu.

  • Hlíf

    Old Norse form of Liv.

  • Hludowig

    Germanic form of Ludwig.

  • Ho

    Ho is a traditional Chinese name and means "the good".

  • Hoa

    Means "flower" from Sino-Vietnamese.

  • Hob

    Medieval short form of Robert.

  • Hobson

    Hobson is an English name and strangely means "son of Robert".

  • Hode

    Yiddish form of Hadassah.

  • Hodei

    Means "cloud" in Basque.

  • Hodel

    Diminutive of Hode.

  • Hodiah

    Means "majesty of Yahweh " in Hebrew.

  • Hodiyah

    Hebrew form of Hodiah.

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Names between Hirshel and Hodiyah that Begin with H. Hirshel, Hirune, Hisao, Hisashi, Hisato, Hisein, Hisham, Hitomi, Hitomu, Hitoshi, Hiwot, Hizkiah, Hjalmar, Hjálmarr, Hjördis, Hjördís, Hjørdis, Hjörtur, Hlengiwe, Hlíf, Hludowig, Ho, Hoa, Hob, Hobson, Hode, Hodei, Hodel, Hodiah, Hodiyah, Names between Hirshel and Hodiyah that Begin with H

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