Hubert name - Meaning of Hubert

Hubert name - Meaning of Hubert

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English, German, Dutch, French, Polish, Ancient Germanic, Czech, English
HYOO-bərt (English) , HOO-bert (German) , HUY-bərt (Dutch) , uy-BER (French) , HUW-bert (Polish)
Hubert Meaning
Means "bright heart", derived from the Germanic elements hug "heart, mind" and beraht "bright". Saint Hubert was an 8th-century bishop of Maastricht who is considered the patron saint of hunters. The Normans brought the name to England, where it replaced an Old English cognate Hygebeorht. It died out during the Middle Ages but was revived in the 19th century. Hubert originates in Germanic languages and means "man with clever mind". This was the name of the 8th century patron saint of hunters. As a masculine given name it is rather old-fashioned these days and its usage in US as well as Europe is rare.

Hubert Related Names
Variants: Hubertus (German), Huppert (Low German), Hubertus, Hubrecht (Dutch), Hubertus, Hugubert (Ancient Germanic)
Diminutive: Huub (Dutch)
Other Languages: Uberto (Italian), Hoebaer, Baer, Bèr (Limburgish)

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Meaning of Hubert Name

Hubert name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Hubert.

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